May 20 2016
I love R31's

I wish they had made the wagon as a that’s something that you really never see in modern cars. I’d go

Apr 22 2016
Shift Knobs!

I think I posted about these before but I’ve finally got a few made and up for sale. Tell me what you think. Let me

Jul 22 2015
Aerocabin T-Shirts!

We made some t-shirts to sell when we set up a booth at shows, and wanted to offer them to Oppo too. The front is

Apr 20 2015
Dogtown Rumble

A friend of mine is in the Odd Squad Car Club in Los Angeles, and they put on a little pop-up show on wednesday.

Mar 19 2015
And The Answer Is...

A/C drier, and steering idler arm mount. The A/C drier was super beefy, and I wanted to mount it on the frame where