May 8 2018
Did it for the gram

I did a little pre-graming in photoshop of a couple of my shots before posting them on Insta. I thought they came

Aug 29 2017
The sticker fridge

In the garage, the problem is that I have collected some vintage stickers. What do I do when the fridge kicks the

Jun 11 2017
Printing photos?

I have taken a hand full of “pretty good” photos so far, and I would like to print a couple and hang a few around

Jun 8 2017
The Daily Commute

It’s a nice road to drive twice a day! I need to make it a point to retake this photo during the golden hour with

Jun 2 2017
Because Race Car

If and when I get a project car if the paint is bad I’ll DIY a art car job like this one. Photo is by me!

May 25 2017
Re-crop and re-edit

I really like these pulled back tracking shots, Jamey Price is someone who I think shoots a lot of great photos in

Mar 24 2017
Please stop calling me.

This guy Payton keeps calling me, wanting to help me sell the car I have listed on Craigslist. No I am not going to