Balmung the Apostle Hunter
12:59 AM

I went to my first convention today! I have been preparing to go for the past several months and went today so that I could meet Chuck Huber, the voice actor of Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho and tons of other stuff. It was a strange experience but I really enjoyed it.

9:44 PM

So I picked up Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on the Wii U the other day and am really enjoying it! I enjoyed Freedom Unite a bit but still found it to be a chore. I think this is the one where I finally get it. Read more

3:38 PM

Can someone tell me how a laser gun, like a pistol would kill someone and provide a link to the explanation of how that would work? I can't seem to find anything on how they hurt people. I suppose it would burn you right?

12:23 PM

So there is a rumor that Square is going to announce that the HD version of Final Fantasy X on the PS3 will come with Final Fantasy X-2 as well. The Vita version won't but you can buy it separately. Read more

3:49 PM

So is next week going to be crazy for anyone else? I have both the Pikachu 3DS XL and Bioshock Infinite coming to my apartment and I couldn't be more thrilled. Read more

1:51 PM

So the 3DS XL costs 199.99 correct? I'll be picking that Pikachu one up when it releases (I've been holding off specifically for it) but my funds are a bit tight with my purchases pretty much lined up through June. There isn't any way to transfer your 3DS stuff to the XL before you leave GameStop is there? I have way Read more

11:30 AM

The Monster Hunter facebook page gave an update saying that there will be a software update for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate that allows for gamepad play as well as cross region multiplayer! That is great news for those looking to pick up the game. I'm just staying strong making myself know I don't need another game

3:28 PM

So am I correct in saying that jumping in Monster Hunter 4 can only happen when you are on the edge of a ledge? Because that is what it seems like in this video. I think it would be much better to just be able to jump at any time and have it drain a bit of your stamina. This disappoints me if it is the case!