Two wheels very good

Got my first road bike today, a 2018 Trek Domane SL 5. Compared to my old bike, its stupid fast and light. It’s amazing how much 30+ years of bike design and materials advancements makes. The shifting is still pretty crappy so I need to adjust stuff still, but I’m so happy.


Film Development

So I just learned that recently all our big box stores have gotten rid of their film development labs. It’s a real shame too since the people working the photo labs at our local Walgreens were quite good at developing and using their scanner to it’s fullest potential. Where do you guys get your color film developed?…

$20,000 Challenge

Say you have $20,000-ish to spend on any one car for nice weather DD use. The car can be any car, new or used. If you go the kit car route it must be able to be completely built within a year. And for vintage, it must run and drive and be relatively reliable. What would you get?

I acquired a new race team!

Well, it is a new year and do you know what that means? Bandit gets to have fun with karting again! After starting a kart team from scratch last year, I decided to move to bigger and better opportunities. This takes the shape of me leaving my humble Cavalry Racing outfit that was just me driving and a friend as my…


Sold my old beater Blazer

The Blue Turd is gone. In it’s place I have this awesome 2002 4.6 V8 Eddie Bauer Edition Explorer. No transmission problems, the suspension is crazy tight, all the electrics work, not a bit of rust, brand new tires, and just had a new intake manifold and rear brake calipers/pads installed. I’ve never owned a car that…