Mar 31

Not only did you just say it in your original post you just said it again in the post saying you didn’t say it. You should get tested.

Nov 25

And she spent all her Cameo time asking him “Are you Jimmy Ray?” over and over.

Nov 25

She originally tried to get Jimmy Ray, but every time she attempted to confirm his identity, he’d just go “Who wants to know!?”. 

Oct 26

Well last time I took my cat, Sarge for a standard check up and shots (and a bath for some reason) they charged us $450 (50 for the bath we didnt ask for). So im gonna guess around $700,000.

Oct 25

They should post another one that says: “I am a former social media account manager.”

Oct 25

I like how 1-800-AAA-HELP looks a phone number turned into panicked scream.

Oct 25

My personal favorite, from back when all this naming-rights foolishness started, was the Poulan Weed-Eater Independence Bowl

Oct 22

“And I’ve got news for ya’. I haven’t been wasting my life. I’m very fulfilled with what I do. This is important. People need to relax and I help facilitate that, and without me and my hobby expertise, the nation would delve into madness. Didja think about that? I’m the only one holding you back from the ledge. Oh ‘I Read more

Oct 22

Adam Gase’s beard is the male coach’s equivalent of the Elizabeth Holmes voice, right? 

Oct 14

And when he went to practice the next day, a small sign hung in the practice facility that read simply: Zach Brown Banned.

Oct 8

You could make a pretty ironclad argument for the entirety of the Browns roster being crisis actors.

Sep 27

Wait, wait... Who are these people out there saying Geoff’s a good footballer?