Feb 20 2019

Just stopping to give you your stars while you can smell them.

Feb 18 2019

For me it was definitely fighting Id for the first time on foot. I remember getting goosebumps at battling this seemingly all-powerful nutjob and feeling despair. God I wished the creator had gotten a proper budget and timeframe, still in my top 3 rpgs of all time.

Feb 7 2019

Thank you for this article. I’ve always preferred solo games but played multiplayer in games like Destiny to keep up with my friends and siblings. Now I have a 3 month old and play older solo games I haven’t finished (DMC, Tomb Raider, X-Com) after he’s been put to bed. With all the newer games pushing for multiplayer Read more

Jan 23 2019

Sums up my existence right now. Are we roommates or something?

Sep 26 2018

Forgive my American ignorance, but I’ve only recently begun really trying to follow international soccer - why has this coach gotten so many chances? Dude is always in a tiff with a player... is there an American coach to relate him to?

May 2 2018

Won’t be long before the badminton audience is bigger than hockey’s, too.

Mar 12 2018

Seriously, all the people here losing their minds will still be there to pre-order a copy on whatever console it drops on. Cry now, pay later.

Nov 14 2017

Ta-Nehasi Coates has a pretty simple and pretty good explanation to your question:

Jul 6 2017

How is this not tagged under YEAH JETS?

Apr 4 2017

As a born-and-bred, I can certainly attest to this... we don’t even think about that. Anyone who talks like that is probably insecure and projecting onto anyone in striking distance.

Mar 14 2017

*thinks about lack of Dark Cloud/Rogue Galaxy sequels, cries, logs off Internet for the day*

Jan 24 2017

As a black man, frankly I am shocked and appalled... by the lack of stars here.

Nov 29 2016

Never made a comment in my 3 years of Kinja travels, but fuck this guy. No jail sentence announcement feels like it was sufficient .

May 14 2016

Came for the Dune reference, stayed for the artwork.