Zack Handlen
3:29 PM

Zack, I’m super happy to see you here. No other AV Club writer would be as right for this show. Here’s hoping the viewing experience can match or even transcend the anticipation. Read more

12:41 PM

“Blue Skies” was used for a reason. In Nemesis, Data sang it at Riker and Troi’s wedding. Then, at the end, B-4 was humming it and Picard helped him a bit with it. Read more

1:21 AM

Also, maybe this is obvious, but the part where they yell at Summer at the end for “ruining” the premiere seems like commentary on the people that claimed that the new woman writers and /or Summer’s occasionally bigger role “ruined” season 3 or whatever.

1:07 AM

This was the first episode directed by Erica Hayes. (Also the first episode directed by a woman.) She storyboarded many of the best episodes of the prior three seasons.

1:49 PM

Like several others, I need to chime in and say playing Silent Hill 2 is a wonderful decision. It’s in my top 3 games of all time with Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy 6. I certainly don’t want to manage your expectations for what to expect by making subtle references to what you have to look forward to, so I’ll just Read more

11:52 AM

I’m so happy when someone plays Silent Hill 2. One of my all-time-favorites for sure. Follow it up with a viewing of the 1990 original Jacob’s Ladder and look for all the references.  

11:18 AM

I picked it up on a whim. It’s hard not to overspend this season and end up with too many games (horror games for Halloween and big fall releases). I still need to finish Bloodstained anyways, which is great.

10:54 AM

I’ve had one session with Blasphemous now and I’m not sure when I’ll get back to it. I was hoping it would lean a little heavier towards the metroidvania aspects than the souls- like aspects. I’m not that in to parrying etc., and the guilt mechanic is definitely a turn off (although I do appreciate that you can Read more

7:36 PM

Friends, I don’t know how to make clearer in an article marked impressions that this is my early experience with the game and that it’s been a complicated experience. I’m eager to play more and see what might change, but at the moment this has not been a particularly enjoyable play experience for me even acknowledging Read more

9:25 AM

Thank you for this. IT is and has always been my favorite work of Stephen King, and you name all the reasons why it is. Read more

8:56 PM

Personal opinion - Eyes of the Dragon should be on this list. A great fantasy story (the first King book I ever read, in fact, which might lead to some bias), and Bronson Pinchot does a great job reading it.

10:53 AM

They do. They’re want brought me to AVClub in the first place. I also just canceled my LootCrate subscription so I can put the money into Patreeon’s and I’m strongly considering your Voyager write ups as one of the options.

9:15 AM

Yeah, they’re good. Unlike, say, The Paradise Syndrome, which I watched last night. Oy, and indeed, vey. 

9:00 AM

While you’re here Zack; I’m currently watching, for the first time, the original series of Star Trek and I’m greatly enjoying your write-ups as I go along.

7:07 AM

After getting inspired watching Dan Jones (PlayFrame, former host/creator of Extra Credits) play Hollow Knight, I decided it was time to dive back in and give it another try. Since it’s been awhile, I decided to start a fresh playthrough. So far, I’ve been surprised by how smoothly it’s gone—Hornet still took a lot of Read more

8:58 PM

I guess you two can’t play anymore, but that’s a really sad thing to plan for. Man. Great, now I am thinking about my kids.

Seriously though, great question! Paul managed to keep up with me as we played, so he never died. Will let you know as soon as I can get an online session going and someone dies. 

10:34 AM

It’s not Tom Holland’s fault, but the MCU Spider-Man has been a major letdown for me. He just lacks the necessary emotional weight and relatability — he’s basically a sitcom character. You could easily put him in one of those ABC comedies. Read more