Zachary Oberle
Jul 9

The Far Side Gallery’s had some excellent Forewords. Gallery 4 is penned by Robin Williams.

Jun 29

Bolton reveals in his new book, whose publication Trump is trying to block, that the main goal of the president’s missive was to take away attention from the story about his daughter’s emails. After all, Trump had not just spent years attacking Hillary Clinton for using a private email server while she was secretary Read more

Jun 26

At the risk of putting two and two together, the guy famously cheated on his wife and the past week has seen a lot of streamers being accused of sexual assault and harassment, so my hunch is there may have been more accusations levelled against him to Twitch.

Jun 19

Apple doesn’t give a shit about its pro market anymore... a look at what they’re calling the macbook “pro” is all it takes to see that. Soldered in SSD, soldered in RAM, No thanks.

Jun 14

I do know that a drone flight occurred in the CHAZ over a crowd of people and the CHAZ is in a no-fly zone for drones due to its proximity to Boeing Field. Terrorists!!

May 4

[...] Amazon treats the humans in the warehouses as fungible units of pick-and-pack potential,” he went on. “Only that’s not just Amazon, it’s how 21st-century capitalism is done.” Read more

Feb 15

California has 12% of the US population (i.e. fellow Americans).
California contributes more than any other state to US GDP - by double.
California houses more US Military personnel than any other state.
California is #2 in total defense spending among US states (second only to Virginia)
California produces more food than Read more

Feb 15

I've been saying for three years, that the reason Trump's reign of cruelty and maliciousness hasn't been worse is that he's comically inept and appoints stupid lackeys. This is example #263

Feb 13

In 2006, this car cost $21,753 at full retail price. Now, 112k miles and two owners later, it’s worth half that much? A civic isn’t collectible, and never will be.

It’s a Nice Pipe. The car is great, i’m sure, but it’s worth about $5000-6000. Nice Pipe, Crack Price. 

Feb 12

Its not whether it’s worth money, it’s whether people deserve it.  People deserve health care.  Let taxes pay for it, and let those taxes come from Bobby Kotick.

Feb 12

When I was growing up in the 70's and 80's, ALL healthcare was like the kind your 200 dollars a year pays for. It was expected and normal. The fees for visits were reasonable, and there were still a dwindling number of doctors who did house calls as well. Read more

Feb 12

“But many of these things can be transmitted to, or at least affect, others if we don’t treat the problem as a systematic public good, in the same way that we treat public roads, or public water, or Social Security.” Read more

Feb 12

This entire ecosystem, which appears to be getting bigger every day, was bankrolled and built by people who have concluded the only way to reform the system is to build another one where the simplest form of healthcare is a saleable and aspirational experience, not a service. And definitely not a right. Read more