Zachary Oberle
9:11 PM

Nah, there’s all sorts of issues when you run without air cleaners. Dirty oil is just the start; you’ll also tear up cylinder walls, piston rings, skirts, valve stems, valve seats, and stuff like that significantly faster. Rebuild intervals in general for all those types of parts will become shorter. Just imagine all Read more

5:45 PM

If you look at the first photo again you can see the twin-stacked LED clusters recessed in the OEM grille opening just to the inside of the factory headlight buckets. One on each side for high beam and low beam. Clean look that doesn’t interfere with the classic lines, but still gives great night visibility. WAY Read more

8:15 PM

Meh. I’ll take a third-gen C/K in period-correct brown with a twin-turbo LS, thanks.

7:37 PM

“Isn’t the House of Saud’s wealth statistically all derived from oil and gas and products export sales” 

Yes, they were paid for those exports almost exclusively in US dollars and kept their accumulated wealth stored as US dollars. US government policy then hugely decreases the value of that accumulated wealth while Read more

5:55 PM

I never said it was a logical blood-feud. In fact, you will find that literally zero blood-feuds are backed by any rational motivations at all.

5:54 PM

I said nobody SHOULD be surprised. That isn’t mutually exclusive from the fact that nobody gives a shit about the facts. Also, Uncle Sam isn’t exactly in a rush to help his fine citizens understanding this connection. It’s not the sort of thing you’ll learn in a publicly-funded history class, that’s for damn sure.

11:34 PM

We fucked them out of untold riches when Tricky Dick eliminated the gold standard. We have been their enemy ever since. This is 50-year-old history now. Nobody should be surprised. 

8:08 PM

You fool! The Genesis Coupe is not a driver’s car, it merely looks like a (sometimes ugly) driver’s car. You just had to learn the hard way.

Sloppy/non-existent drivetrain mounts, mushy dual mass flywheel, final drive is too tall, hopelessly short bump travel, two-piece driveshaft, weak-ass differential, hideously

4:19 PM

Hyundai fucked over the Genesis Coupe as well with the BK2 facelift.

The BK1 cars were lovely. Curvaceous, understated, very unlike the PURE ANGER designs of similarly priced RWD sporty cars of the time (370Z, Mustang, Camaro, etc) They weren’t trying to copy anyone with the looks, it was a genuinely Korean aesthetic.

12:37 AM

Ellen Forney’s graphic memoir did a great job of parsing out this conflict. As a bipolar artist she struggled for a long time to separate her creative self from her bipolar self. So many of the stereotypes suggested she owed her artistic talents to her disorder. That (very fucked-up!) insistence drove her to avoid Read more

11:45 PM

Your experience is a natural side-effect of a privatized healthcare system. Therapists only make money if their clients keep coming back. Clients only keep coming back if the therapy sessions make them feel better. People like being told what they want to hear. Ergo, therapists tend to be more successful when they Read more

10:49 PM

First fucking move of every fascist dictatorship. When the Soviets took over Russia after the fall of the Tsar they went after the functionally communist farming communities with every bit as much venom as they went after the engineers and academics. The Soviets were extremely conservative in their politics. All the Read more

5:08 PM

It is an exaggeration, but there is some basis in reality around the idea we live in a “post-truth” society.

Also, Solzhenitsyn was widely disparaged and shunned by the academic/historical community when he transformed into an anti-semitic grandpa in the later years of his life what with the content of Two Hundred Read more

5:24 PM

Proven untrue when? By whom? Which authors? The ones who worked for the NKVD? The Checka? The OGPU? The KGB? Putin himself? Name names, asshole.

There are many legitimate authorities on this subject with photographic evidence to match. Slovki, Belbaltlag, Dmitrovlag, Vorkutlag, and many others have all been

1:11 PM

Stalin imprisoned MILLIONS of his own soldiers from the Red Army in hard labor camps after WWII, killing most of them, just because he and his regime were afraid the soldiers would come back from the war and tell the oppressed Soviet people about what life was like in Europe. Stalin was so paranoid and so hell-bent on Read more

8:59 PM

Hell, you can get the best of both worlds if you look in the right place. I’m a “blue collar” worker (TIG welder), but I basically work in an office. I have a really nice desk with a comfy office chair. There’s never-ending free coffee in the break room along with a legit kitchen. It’s beautifully climate-controlled