Zac Estrada
3:30 PM

I always thought that the EVs of that era looked like regular cars on stilts, because at that time they could only pack the (big) battery packs on the floor and therefore had to raise the car up to accommodate.

2:48 PM

Electric cars are a bit like many of us: We had this really long awkward phase in the late 90s and early 2000s, and we’d prefer to forget about it. Read more

2:04 PM

Looks similar to, if not the same as the one used on the EV1: this flat cartridge looking thing.

1:40 PM

I drive a 2012 Leaf, and I see a lot of subtle cues in this car that became part of it. Even the dash display is remarkably similar. I wonder where EVs would be today if this car had succeeded and we’d effectively had a Leaf 13 years earlier. Read more

11:47 AM

If I was in the US I’d still have voted her given the choice on display but her problems are similar to the LibDems in the UK in that she has the personality of a teacher you don’t particularly like. The “I told you so/we were always right” mentality and not exactly a great ability to enthuse passion outside of the Read more

10:06 PM

Meg Ryan advertised these in Japan.

1:51 PM

Dear everyone hating on the Raptor, and more specifically the fact that it may not always be off road or hauling something, Read more

1:26 PM

The interior of my 2010 is much more interesting I think. The orange breaks it up much better, and the silver gauges give more contrast to the gauge pod, even without the center LCD screen (which I do like). Though there is hard plastic on the dash, the doors are soft foam rubber and the seats, shifter, and wheel have

1:09 PM

Mine still puts smile on my face every day. When you unleash it's fury off road, that's when the smile turns into maniacal laughter. Spend some more time in one and you'll figure out you can actually rail it through corners pretty hard. Driving it hard on the road does shred tires but it's more than capable on the Read more

1:23 PM

I'm Cuban, and the problem isn't because of the Americans, that's what the Cuban government has made it seem. Its them. The embargo is there because Cuba wants it there, so they can blame U.S. for everything that goes wrong in the country. The U.S. wouldn't have a problem removing it, all Cuba gotta do is ask, and Read more

5:51 PM

Cuban here... As amazing and incredible as you outsiders might see this image of the car culture in Cuba. I must seriously remind everyone that this has not happened by choice. Having a car in Cuba is the equivalent to driving a $80k+ car in the states(meaning not often). If you have a car in Cuba you are 'blessed' Read more

1:22 PM

Cuba really is an amazing place. My wife and I travelled there for our anniversary this year. We only spent 1 day in Havana, but rather than take the usual tour bus from our resort 3 hours away we rented a newish Geelie (I think that's how it's spelled) - kind of like a 2003 lancer ES - and took the trip in Read more

12:42 PM

"love their cars" is not the same as "they have no fucking choice and hate their guts, but still need to keep them running". Read more