P.A.C.S. Has Planted This Book in Your Life. Don't Take the Wrong Path, Mate.

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen all the endings of Bandersnatch at this point, but I still crave more. Black Mirror is effective that way. The bad news is that Bandersnatch: C. S. Lewis, J. R. R. Tolkien, and the Creative Collaboration of the Inklings for Kindle is in no way a continuation of the narrative wherein you

Today's Electronics Gold Box Is Full of Stuff You've Been Meaning to Buy

I don’t know your life, but I bet there’s something you need in today’s Gold Box of AmazonBasics electronics and accessories. Maybe you’ve been meaning to buy a UPS and just haven’t gotten around to it. Maybe, like me, you’re a peripheral junkie, and you need a USB hub to support your habit. Perhaps your New Year’s…

Amazon Is Trying to Make Your Kindle Backlog As Big As Your Steam Library of Unplayed Games

Amazon’s parade of Kindle sales continues today with a selection of best sellers and award winners. Just for fun, there are also novels that inspired movies (The Upside) and works by famous authors ranging from David Sedaris to Sally Field. Anything you choose will be good for conversation, and isn’t that at least…

Tanooki Suit? Frog Suit? Hammer Suit? Nope, This Question Block's Power-Up Is Even More Useful.

Mario gets all kinds of cool stuff out of question blocks — coins, extra lives, various superpowers — and you can get something almost as neat from this PowerA Nintendo Switch Super Mario Question Block Car Charger. Yep, it’s basically infinite power for your Switch, even when you’re on the go. How did you ever guess?

Eddie Bauer's Grand Finale for 2018 Is an Extra 60% Off Clearance

Talk about finishing strong — Eddie Bauer is closing out the year by taking an extra 60% off clearance via code NEWYEAR60. You can get some pretty great prices — like some even under $10 — on clothes, shoes, and accessories, so there’s never been a better time to gear up for whatever adventures await you in 2019.

The Best Christmas Day Deals: Hollow Knight, Clear the Rack, Kindle Ebooks, and More

Christmas Day is light on the deals, but you can still save on books for your new Kindle, games for your new Switch, and even take advantage of a new Clear the Rack sale with over 17,000 deals. From all of us at The Inventory, we hope you have a safe and happy holiday with your family and friends.

You've Done Your Shopping for Everybody Else; Now It's Time to Get Back to Buying for You

Pat on the back for successfully completing another season of holiday shopping. Now it’s time to turn back to your own neglected needs. Home items ranging from lighting to textiles to furniture to decor accents are on sale at Amazon, and I know there’s something there you were meaning to buy before you got sucked into…