Thursday 12:47PM

That’s kind of a bizarro reason for not wanting to go back though. It’s an ensemble show with a core cast and a bunch of guest stars... Not everyone gets to come in as a series regular, the list of people who got promoted from recurring guest to series regular on that show is fairly long (including Laura Innes who she Read more

6/09/21 1:19AM

As this article mentions a few times, the current state of the market in the US (and Canada afaik) is that most of the time they wait on the guy who will buy it tomorrow at 40. Don’t think your example is really comparable in the current market.

6/07/21 6:12PM

No mention about how you guys changed the arguably libelous headline after the fact too?

6/03/21 2:27AM

I know it’s since become a reasonably well watched show for netflix but it started out as an incredibly small CBC sitcom based on a fringe show that turned into a stage play, how much were you expecting to make up front? I’m not really surprised the acting talents’ contract reflect that.

The rest of the complaints are g Read more

4/15/21 11:38PM

I mean it’s good until the end when the family story just kind of fucking ends with no real resolution.

4/09/21 12:38AM

Ditto, I loved my 05 but I’m in Manitoba and the same deal... they just didn’t discover rust proofing til later

4/09/21 12:27AM

A Fit really isn’t comparable to a mazda3 in terms of long distance driving, the 3 is just fine as a road trip car, as good a little car as the Fit is I’d never drive farther than 2 hours in one if I could avoid it

3/26/21 8:05PM

Yeah the RAV4 isn’t what I’d call spacious at all. As someone 6 foot plus with actual shoulders I haven’t felt comfortable in any of the new versions. Literally nothing about it fits his request.

2/23/21 3:16PM

There are areas with so hot a real estate market where making an offer contingent on inspection essentially means you’re never getting a house as someone else won’t do it as insane as that sounds to me. (When I bought my house I got an inspection every time and the first 2x it made me pull my offer)

2/17/21 5:40PM

I mean, the main reason (at least in Canada) is anyone with a pulse can qualify for financing with Nissan.

11/10/20 3:19PM

It also depends on the temperature, up here where winter is in full swing (though on alternate days seemingly atm) my glasses don’t need any extra help fogging up or icing up during vast temperature transitions. Even if I’m wearing my better mask it’s just a slight time boost. I’m definitely dreading when we get to Read more

11/07/20 1:24AM

I mean, Paul is a jackass but he clearly meant hadn’t broken into the mainstream in the west yet which is 100% true. I enjoyed their little back and forth about it becoming a thing where Prue was (being a food writer in the 80s among other things of course she’d have been more aware of it)

10/23/20 3:28AM

No mention of Stardust makes me sad. I get that not everyone likes the adaptation but Strong is so damned good as Septimus.

10/15/20 6:29PM

Agreed, as a broader shouldered 6'1" person the crosstrek is a bit cramped. 6'0" beanpole might be another matter but I’d still probably go Forester.

9/02/20 1:04PM

As you say, he was eons after Clooney, Hell it was a few years after Anthony Edwards left. Perhaps he’s just mistaken since I believe it was the season after Noah Wyle left the first time? Read more

8/06/20 11:46PM

I mean... this isn’t gonna do that, TenCent is gonna be more than fine if they have to stay out of the US for a bit until you folks come to your senses or shatter into utter civil war. 140bn in assets will do that for you.

8/06/20 3:04PM

The casting for the live action show seems pretty great actually though I remain unsure about how well it’ll translate.

7/24/20 12:20AM

Dude, you’re the one posting on his article entry, he’s not the one who has to disengage :p