Nov 2 2017

Frankly in this timelineand under these circumstances I’d be more surprised if E-Corp *didn’t* have 7 days a week of shifts.

Sep 14 2017

Oh come on. FaceID failed because you MUST input your PIN after restarting your iPhone. This same exact issue would’ve occurred if he was presenting TouchID. Read more

Aug 3 2017

This is an inaccurate representation of her vacationing. No where in this video does she eat onion rings.

Jun 2 2017

You forgot the part about how they break up after GS goes up 3-0, because of something he did while they were feuding, but they get back together at halftime of game 7. KD scores 20 points in the second and nails a half court buzzer beater (After 3 bounces on the rim) to win the game 101-100. He proposes with the Read more

Mar 28 2017

I prefer to use Google Wallet, which is pretty straightforward. It’s easy to keep track of, and the other person just needs a Gmail account.

Mar 10 2017

Correction, Andy Weir Might Have Been Right About Potatoes on Mars.

Jan 10 2017

In Safari at least, CCs never auto-fill without first a drop down asking which CC to fill and then be selected (And in that drop down the full cc #s are obscured). Am I missing something here, or is that enough to stop the cc from being automatically dropped in to these unseen text fields?

Nov 30 2016

If you happen to have a form of color blindness, Android also offers a few color spaces to help with this. You can try out Deuteranomaly or Protanomaly to help with red-green color blindness or Tritanomaly to aid blue-yellow color blindness. Read more

Oct 26 2016

at first i was sure that it was a very glossy bill murray, until i realized its actually tom hanks with white paint on him.

Aug 5 2016

Yes, blame the writer of the article for the comment section.