Yessenia Funes
Yessenia Funes is a senior staff writer with Earther. She loves all things environmental justice and dreams of writing children's books.

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Apr 9

There’s not an apocalypse in it, but I can’t recommend The Overstory by Richard Powers enough. It’s a story that spans geography and time to paint a picture of the interconnectedness of America’s ecosytems and how humans affect them in ways malicious, unintentional and everything in between and how we ignore the Read more

Feb 29

Yeah, let me see if I can track some of the older ones down and I'll get back to you. 

Feb 24

By not calling it ‘bribery’ like every normal person on earth would.

Jan 14

There are a lot of “interesting” people in these comments. The article is well written and cogent, but people are freaking out about what they read between the lines. With an audience like this, you don’t need actual scandals! Facts will suffice! Read more

Jul 29

People also don’t take liberals seriously because they do tone-deaf publicity stunts like this one. Great, she has a multi-million dollar private racing yacht that she can take across the Atlantic so she doesn’t have to fly and create more carbon dioxide emissions. How is that going to look to your average Joe Schmoe Read more

Apr 5 2019

If I was the Yankees, I wouldn’t disclose my emissions either. Luke Voit alone has the methane footprint of a 5,000 acre beef cattle operation.

Mar 21 2019

Hello, editor here. The ppm/ppb discrepancy was completely my fault and the consequence of attempting to edit after three hours of coaching college kids on science writing without sufficient caffeine. It has been fixed.

Mar 12 2019

The biggest scam in history is multi-billion dollar corporations managing to convince the public that the onus for environmental conservation lies on us. Read more

Mar 8 2019

how is that tanker operational? it looks like it was abandoned years ago.

Jan 30 2019

This lead me to think about how much time we spend in air conditioned environments at home, work and travel versus not air conditioned. Of course there was research sort of on this topic: Read more

Jan 22 2019

As an Earther recommended commenter, I can raise good comments out of the grays. Let me see if there’s any good comments in the grays.

::it’s just a dumpster fire::


Jun 11 2018

As someone who come from a community affected by gang violence, this feels like a bit of a simplification. Generational poverty and drug addiction are not going to be solved by a simple clean up. Putting in a new park may help but it won’t necessarily correct the issue’s inherent to gang violence. Read more