Deb Haaland Could Be Congress’ First Native American Woman—and a Voice for New Mexico’s Sacred Lands

GREATER CHACO, NEW MEXICO—Not even the most sacred sites in the New Mexican desert can escape the claws of the oil and gas industry. Throughout Navajo Nation lands on the outskirts of the 30,000-acre Chaco Culture Historical Park, metal mechanisms buzz and rattle as they penetrate the earth to extract fossil fuels…

Environmental Regulation Has Helped Cut Deaths From Air Pollution in Half, Study Finds

There are plenty of reasons to be worried about air quality these days, from the Environmental Protection Agency killing an expert panel on dangerous particulate matter to the Trump administration’s plan to scrap mercury regulations. But today, we got some good news to remind everyone about the value of environmental…

These Prisons Sit Directly in Michael’s Path—And Florida Didn't Evacuate Them

The Florida Department of Corrections (DOC) has evacuated six of its facilities, amounting to about 850 prisoners, in wake of historic Hurricane Michael. However, 13 counties across Florida have mandatory evacuations in place. That leaves 15 other facilities in those counties that are still potentially in harm’s way.

Activists Who Shut Down Pipelines Win an Unlikely Victory: A Judge Who Will Hear Them Out [Update: And Acquit Them]

In 2016, five activists decided to do what they could to stop climate change: They all headed to one of four sites across the U.S. where they turned some valves and illegally shut down five key pipelines shipping crude oil across U.S.-Canada lines. They are known as the Valve Turners.

Trump Wants to Roll Back Safety Regulations That Could Have Helped Prevent Deepwater Horizon Disaster

Nearly 10 years ago, an oil rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico, spilling millions of gallons of crude into the water. The notorious Deepwater Horizon, or BP, oil spill left 11 people dead and tens of thousands sick. But apparently, the disaster’s lessons haven’t hit home for the Trump administration.