Yesha Callahan
Bye, Kinja! It's been fun (occasionally).
Oct 17 2019

OMG I miss you! I just clicked on you today to see if you’ve posted anything recently and figured I would wait a couple weeks to check again to say that I love your work on Essence. I check it out every day!

Aug 31 2018

Take care Yesha! We love and will miss you!😘

Aug 31 2018

...But my idiot brain just started autofilling “Eye-esha” instead of “yesh-a”. :(

Aug 31 2018

According to her Twitter, Yesha’s going to be Editorial Director of News at Essence! Congratulations, Yesha!

Aug 30 2018

He’s been referred to as both King James AND The King. Who came up with the name is fucking pointless, because he embraced it before his first game and as far as I know has not requested that people stop. Read more

Aug 30 2018

while i still don’t get agent, i will admit to feeling pretty damn provoked right now.

Aug 29 2018

Just takin a quick look before I head out to the office, this made me smile. Gracias.