11:48 AM

I’m no insider so I don’t really know, but is there any truth to the idea that the reason there’s a delay “season” is because shareholder calls are over and the new fiscal year/quarter is approaching? Like, devs across the board have been able to satisfy shareholders with preorder numbers and promises of being on Read more

2:57 PM

They definitely touted that this was the #2 netflix original behind Stranger Things, for 2019.  Given it came out in November, that’s a good sign.

2:44 PM

There will definitely be a season 2, and possibly a season 3, however that will likely be it. Netflix doesn’t want more than 3 seasons of original shows in general.

12:43 PM

My gold standard for funny games is portal and the Stanley parable. Both of those games humor comes from acknowledging the absurdity of the premise and then backing it up with good writing. Stanley parable has multiple paths, but limits the player interactivity which allows it to decide when and how the jokes are Read more

11:32 AM

Like any government program, it depends entirely on your definition of “fair.” We have all kinds of programs in this country that aren’t “fair.” Homeowners get a big tax break in my state, but renters’ tax breaks are limited by income. Why do 26-year olds get to stay on their parents’ health insurance but not 27-year Read more

3:59 PM

Adam Sandler stars as Rob Schneider, who’s been hired to star in a movie biopic of David Spade. But Sandler’s Schneider has a different vision of the Spade character than director Dennis Dugan, a frequent Adam Sandler director but a man whom Schneider does not see eye to eye with. Dugan, played by Kevin James, will Read more

9:40 AM

Hell, even just give me the old PowerStone games on a modern console. 

3:44 PM

Damn I’d love to see a Dino Crisis remake!  Include a VR mode, and that would be amazing!

6:16 PM

God I wish the switch could do steam link-like functionality. I absolutely love my PC, but I would give anything to be able to use my Switch to just steam remote play PC games. And I know I can technically mod the switch, but I’d really rather not give up the ability to officially use the switch in eShop/etc.. just to Read more

4:02 PM

The bit where the overeager enemy guard jumps on top of the car the player is hiding behind and instantly ventilates them with a machine gun is the funniest video game moment of the year. On one level you almost have to respect the vicious efficiency of the AI, but then you realize the whole conceit of action video Read more

8:11 PM

Every time one of you guys try to come up with an overly exaggerated woke inclusivity pitch as a joke or a take down you invariably wind up describing something that sounds a hundred times more interesting than anything currently on television. 

11:49 AM

I worked for 4 years under a petulant, 60 year old toddler like this guy. It was a genuinely horrible experience. All of us wanted the company to succeed, and what successes we did have were often do to going behind his back to do the right thing with the customer or manufacturers. I can definitely identify with the Read more

5:42 PM

Never worked directly for Mr. Jobs but I got plenty of second (not third) hand accounts of working directly with him. For the most part he mellowed with age and he would direct his rage at the people actually responsible for the failures (i.e. he’d usually berate and fire the manager and leave the engineers alone). Read more

2:00 PM

It really is weird how the movie business has basically turned into the comics industry circa 1986.

12:40 PM

Star Wars Fans, 1999-2014: The prequels are garbage! Give us something more like the classic movies!

10:05 PM

I agree with what you're saying, but I have to admit I'm not seeing all the bases of the argument being covered. Many of the anti-whine comments (and I'm picking on yours at random, please pardon that, no offense intended) seem to have the same blind spot (but yours may not - it's more thoughtful). The "just work Read more