Sep 24 2019

Do we need to have this conversation again? Single player is two words, multiplayer is one word. That’s because “single” is a full word of its own while “multi” is a prefix. Read more

Sep 11 2019

Good. The term “preservation” is just a polite way of saying you are stealing and redistributing intellectual property illegally. You can hide behind that word all you like, you are still a damned thief. And no, the delusion that if you own it then it is legal is entirely false. Read more

Sep 5 2019

Yeah, where are all the incredible, mind blowing Ghost type Pokemon designs like we had in The Good Old Days™?

Aug 27 2019

Yeah, I’m speaking with everyone as well AND doing the support conversations. It’s going to be a long playthrough I guess :)

Aug 26 2019

Sounds like you have a long way to go lol based on what you said

Jul 29 2019

I don’t know your gender, but let’s presume for the sake of discussion that you are a man. When you wear an article of clothing, what are your reasons for doing so? Is it because it is comfortable? Or your favorite color? Or it fits well? Or you like the way it makes you look? Or maybe it wasn’t a conscious decision Read more

Jul 8 2019

Having to play with other people is exactly the reason why I stopped playing MMOs. I enjoy the story and like building a character but I really don’t want to interact with other people. Read more

Jul 8 2019

maybe this is an unpopular opinion but if this becomes a new thing in MMOs I am all for it. In fact I would sign up for a MMO to experience the world, exploration, looting and story if I could play by myself. Read more

Jul 8 2019

I love that this series of articles is highlighting just how complex questions like this are, rather than trying to come up with a nice soundbite answer. Its refreshing to see a forum where experts are discussing uncertainty, and questioning the validity of the question, rather than just writing a top ten list to get Read more

Jul 2 2019

To be fair, when Gita started asking for interviews she specifically asked for both conservative and liberal voices. Either there weren’t any takers or there wasn’t much there to make it into the article. (Like, a lot of what me and Gita talked about didn’t make it into the final piece.) Read more

Jul 2 2019

Breath of Fire 2 made me question all religion. I wasn’t raised to go to church, but it always seemed like church was treated as a “good thing” in this society. The game made me think about cult mentality and how religious leaders can manipulate their flock. I suppose that I went from agnostic to atheist as a result Read more

Jun 28 2019

That official description have seriously given me flashbacks of Jessie and James’ introduction in Pokémon.

Jun 27 2019

Oh so you not allowed to use copyrighted characters to make your own game. Big surprise. I guess with Kotaku logic it would be ok to make a gaming journalist site that use name kotaku royale and kotaku logo. And then just copy all articles from kotaku and remove ads. And call it a tribute to kotaku. If you want to Read more

Jun 26 2019

I’d be more interested in learning about people who make games that sort of rip off an IP in a serious, non-satirical manner (I assume) than make their own.

Jun 26 2019

I highly doubt that. Nintendo is sitting on a pretty significant capital (https://nintendotoday.com/nintendo-not-doomed/). They could basically have another couple of WiiU like failures before they would start to feel the heat. Furthermore, something many people don’t seem to understand is that Nintendo doesn’t see Read more