Sep 15 2019

Semi-related response to other comments: Sun & Moon is the first time I’ve enjoyed this show since like the third season. And it’s mostly thanks to the design changes. *shrug*

Jun 18 2019

I’d say that it’ll be their big focus at E3 2020 and then we’ll see it that fall Read more

May 19 2019

Honestly, when I read the headline, I was thinking “Oh good, they put out a photo showing the surely massive crew who were working on the movie behind the scenes. The ones who really make the movie magic happen.” I mean this picture’s cool and all, but when you say the “True Avengers”, I would’ve hoped it was the Read more

Mar 6 2019

So a niche western import site, and a con? Oh and not all Hentai and VN games are rape related.

Feb 18 2019

Proof please. When it comes to domestic violence that is reported then it is quite often dismissed as false reporting. My friend actually had to show the police officer who came after her with a knife how he had found her. Turned out that it was a tracker on her car and she only knew when she realized how he knew Read more

Dec 4 2018

The US Army continues to be profoundly disgusting in how they operate. I loved the article, it was informative and interesting and pretty objective considering the content. I personally found the story utterly repulsive. Video games are fantasy. The army murders people. Period. End of story. There should be no Read more

Dec 3 2018

I think it’s a bit of a misnomer to say that if you make a ton of money, you’re paying Valve less than someone making less money. *Percentage-wise* you’re paying less, but if you’re pulling in $50M you’re still paying Valve significantly more dollars than someone making $20k. Plus that dev has already paid the same Read more

Nov 24 2015

I watched this a few years ago with my wife. We have never been quite sure if we were glad or sad to have watched this movie. It is this bizzare fuge state between enjoying the cheese and just being disappointed.