Jeremy Harriot
Jeremy is a techie, cinephile and general blerd at heart who spends his time amassing useless trivia. He's a cohost on The Man Brain Podcast.
Oct 26 2017

My church has someone assigned to handle organizing meals for those who need them (new baby/surgery/illness/death/etc.) and they use to organize it all. Works great, especially for those who are less tech savvy (basically half of my congregation, lol). Read more

Oct 16 2017

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, the Blade movies will always hold a place in my heart. There just wasn’t anything else like them when they came out and it seems other movies are still playing catch up all these years later.

Sep 27 2017

I dislike this. I dislike that you had to write it. I dislike that we have to be the Jiminy Cricket of this Pinnochio assed country. I hate that when (not if) it goes down in a ball of flames we will be the closest to the fire because we are on the bottom. Read more

Sep 1 2017

Having spent my entire 32 years on Earth watching the WWE, I feel like the real answer to your question is a lot closer to “because Vince McMahon feels minorities were put on this planet for his amusement” than I’m comfortable admitting.

Sep 1 2017

I understand simply going over the main roster competitiors but because of that angle, I feel like it minimizes the growing army of Black wrestlers slowly coming up in WWE. The employees currently on the main roster reflect some of WWE’s old ways of pretending minorities aren’t that big deal. But with those who’ve Read more

Sep 1 2017

Jason Jordan being chosen over Chad Gable to be Kurt Angle’s kayfabe illegitimate son was apparently a “joking” reference to Angle’s history of (gasp!) dating black women. Vince is such a racist prick. Read more

Nov 22 2016

I got slimed at Universal Studios Florida after winning a trivia contest, but I was never on the show. Getting slimed is still the highlight of age 9, however.

Oct 25 2016

This reminds me of all those oh so deep college conversations about what time period you’d like to go back to and experience life in, and I always asked do I have to be me or can I be a man in this scenario? And every guy who ever posed the question just looked at me like I was nuts and then would say “Well, I never Read more