Today 3:46AM

All of them. The Aryan Nation turned into drug dealers and theft rings. That’s all that’s left of them. Read more

Today 3:27AM

As someone old enough to remember when they put this one up, it wasn’t easy either to build or to put in place (in fact, they rather famously fucked up building part of it and had to jury-rig a solution.)
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Today 12:36AM

This argues the point raised by others: The livewire is too expensive for their target market.

Today 12:08AM

...and all the bad actors with the wherewithal to infringe a large company’s IP have already purchased the devices and reverse engineered them or just outright stole the IP, so this protects no one and nothing... except the ability of manufacturers to gouge their customers.

Yesterday 10:37PM

To paraphrase an old joke: “There are two types of people. Those who understand the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics and those who die from it.” Read more

Yesterday 9:50PM

“Yesterday’s technology at tomorrow’s prices.”

Yesterday 7:27PM

Yeah I felt that was a pretty cheap shot at guy too

Yesterday 6:56PM

So, less power and more weight? Seems about right.

Yesterday 6:55PM

I know Guy Fieri looks like he just drunkenly fell off the lead float after being named King of the Douche Parade, but by all accounts he’s a genuinely good guy. I wouldn’t be so hasty to make him the avatar of the Oath Keeper jagoffs.

Yesterday 6:44PM

A story like this is pretty much the counter to the Naomi Osaka incident. Yes, Osaka did the right thing by prioritizing her mental health, but there was also a reason why there had to be repercussions (in the form of a fine) for not having a press conference. Read more

Yesterday 6:13PM

Coca-Cola could’ve had one of their water brands also on display alongside the Coke bottles.

Yesterday 5:57PM

Professional athletes have teams of nutritionists and chefs controlling their diet these days, does anyone really think someone in his position is drinking Coke before a game?

Yesterday 5:52PM

The issue here is that this tape is inadmissible BECAUSE FL is a two-party consent state. So is that Ring footage if you do not have the recording sign posted. Good thing trial by social media does not care about that. But didn’t a certain site go under because they refused to take down a “hidden camera” type post and Read more

Yesterday 3:58PM

It’s cool, only 50,000 years to the next Ice Age, that’s a paltry ten times the length of recorded history.  Piece of cake.