William Hollingsworth
Feb 28

Maguire looked like he was about to fall asleep in a lot of scenes. 

Feb 5

Futuristic sci fi western about Dracula eh? I think you mean Sacred Ancestor.

Jan 29

Much respect to Lower Decks, for rescuing more of these guys and giving them the medical treatment they so badly needed.

Jan 28

Yes! For this, alone, I cannot wait to watch it.

Also, I love how Tom Sturridge looks like both Dream and Gaiman at the same time.

Jan 28

Funny you mention Tilda Swinton and genderbent angel - my first experience of Tilda Swinton was as Gabriel in the Keanu Reeves’ Constantine movie (which I think is pretty good when taken as its own thing):

Jan 28

I don’t know, I’m imagining Vivienne Acheampong in old-timey tails, peering owlishly over wire-framed glasses and it actually feels very very *right* to me. 

Jan 28

There’s also no compelling story-based reason to insist that the Lucien character be a man, AFAIK.

Jan 26

My favorite WandaVision theory is that the couple in the commercials are Wanda and Pietro’s parents. The products advertised represent the forces that destroyed Wanda’s family — the Stark bomb that killed her parents, and the Hydra agents who recruited her and her brother, leading to his death.

Jan 25

It’s fantastic and uncomfortable to watch at times, which is also fantastic. Well worth your time. Not for the squeamish tho.

Jan 19

The best thing to do is when you’re done, (re)watch Doom Patrol. The terminal silliness/emotional beats of that show are a great way to cleanse the mental palate.

Jan 15

Mandalorian has shown you can win buzz and excitement by bringing beloved bits of the extended lore to life as part of the story — Krayt Dragons, Darktroopers, Bo-Katan, Ahsoka. Read more

Dec 16

I think the usual idea is to say that both contribute to playing the character. Consider Darth Vader. He is very much played by both James Earl Jones, and Dave Prowse, you can’t really disentangle their contributions to making the character what he is.

Dec 4

Knowing what big nerd fans the makers of the show are and since we’ve named dropped Thrawn already, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised to find Zahn’s other major character addition to the old SW universe show up with her red hair, shades of grey morals (in earlier incarnations), ex-Imperial knowledge, and experience on Read more

Nov 30

I’m okay with this. Their arc was “accept that they’re family even if they’re blood”, and they got there relatively early in the run. Not much character development left to do without introducing something new. But Yaz? Yaz has a lot of room to grow. This should be just fine.

Nov 26

One detail I liked was the new name of Vulcan, it makes sense they might change the name of the homeworld to reconcile the two peoples. Read more

Nov 13

I’m going to say something here that’s going to get me grilled, especially having grown up with TNG. We all know that seasons 1 and 2 of tng were mostly hot garbage. It was in the third season that the show became great. Obviously, it’s also hard to stay on a budget when you produce that many episodes per year, so Read more

Nov 13

But they really missed an opportunity by not making it at least NCC-320570-G or higher. It would’ve been nice to think that Admiral Nog would’ve lived long enough to see the first ship to bear his name, and that he was so important that the name continued in Starfleet. 

Nov 13

100% - Either it is coded signal from the past or some sort of ‘the harmonic resonance that fucked with dilithium’ technobabble. But there’s no way it’s not linked.