Will Leitch
5:35 PM

My wife of 16 years and mother to our three boys is an only child. I’m going to go call her a fraud and a bad leader and report back my findings.

4:25 PM

Just got turned onto these from your Jambaroo post. Very good stuff. Now I have your back catalog of these to work through it’s like an extra xmas present, so thanks!

5:30 PM

It’s a strange feeling. I just turned 43 less than a couple of weeks ago. I’m not where I thought I’d be. In so many ways, I still feel 27, but there’s this growing sense that inertia has taken hold, that if I don’t want to keep living like I’m 27 forever I’ll have to change now. I’ve enjoyed a lot of the life I’ve Read more

9:54 AM

Recently realized that my next destination is a site that does not have comments, I will be lost... adrift...

I was a shitty commenter on Deadspin long before I worked here and I expect to be a shitty commenter here well after

10:24 PM

I may be too old to still be reading a Sports blog (your roast was one of the best things to come out during a terrible time in my life), but dammit that was the most gut-wrenching intro to anything I’ve ever read. Read more

8:47 PM

Will, I love you, but that photo is so white it looks like it has very serious opinions about Ladybird.

7:26 PM

“I am a father now, of two beautiful little boys who are obnoxious and gassy and loud and just about the most incredible things I’ve ever seen in my life. Every day my wife and I look at them and see the boys they are becoming, the men they will someday be, and we are thrilled, we are elated, we are driven near to Read more

9:33 PM

Probably way too soon to be making this joke, but it’s a bummer how that suit went from my Reservoir Dogs suit to my “Turkish assassin” suit in the span of, like, five minutes. Read more

7:45 PM

Well, he equates himself with window guy as well, because I think most of us feel that way. I certainly didn’t want this either, it’s horrifying. But, here we are all the same. The election went the way it went and now we have to live with it. Read more

3:11 PM

I will give Leitch this, and I will always give him this from this point forward: his “Cubs win the World Series” tears taste so much better than your random racist Cardinals fan tears. And it was a pleasure to see him slowly unravel as it became more and more clear the Cubs were really good and the favorites to win Read more

10:32 AM

Sports dadding has improved considerably since the introduction of body-cams.

11:53 PM

Yep. Can’t manage a smooth shift at Applebees, but his bonafides as a hard-ass are impeccable.

8:13 AM

The story, as I remember from Deadspin oh-so-many years ago, was that Berman and his crew were at a bar in Scottsdale, Arizona, and as they were talking to a group of women, Berman used the infamous line to one of them wearing a leather outfit. It’s Scottsdale; there’s a better-than-average chance that a full leather Read more