Will Gordon
Mar 1 2016

Uneasy lies the moonwalking hot dog that wears the crown.

Mar 1 2016

Finally, a review of my favorite sandwich.

Jan 27 2016

Root Beer was invented on the wagon trail from Independence, MO to Oregon City, OR in the 1820's. That’s where the name came from. It was ‘the beer of the route.’ Lacking medicine and actual beer, settlers invented a refreshing elixir that would cure everything from broken bones to H1N1. You may be surprised to learn Read more

Jan 27 2016

That shit is dangerous on a Saturday afternoon. Can really easily go from having a few while bored to “Honey I think you better drive to dinner” real fast.

Jan 27 2016

I can barely drink one of those before the sweetness becomes overpowering. It’s so great at first, but quickly gets old.

Jan 14 2016

Walgreen’s has a decent beer too, Big Flats. It’s no fine craft brew but it’s way above your Natty’s and kin. Also at $2.99 for a sixer it’s kind of hard to pass up.

Nov 19 2015

I need to preface this Pizza Roll story by saying that I grew up a pretty big nerd. Sure, I chased girls, but band girls. I didn’t party, never so much as saw marijuana until halfway through college, and never touched the stuff. Not out of fear, but I was never offered. Anyway... Read more

Nov 19 2015

I will only sit down to eat Pizza Rolls in 45 roll increments, other then time me and my buddy after some bong hits and frisbee took down the 90 pack in about 8 minutes. This is such a no contest I cannot even believe they hot pocket option was worthy of this challenge. Trivia the worst pizza roll in the world is Read more

Nov 9 2015

Not a fan of fast food nuggets but I had to click on the article to comment on the brilliant animation of the WWE wrestling nuggets. Nice!

Nov 2 2015

We should totally meet up at the fest! I’m the heavyset white guy with a beard and plaid shirt

Oct 28 2015

I realize the importance of recreating the recipe exactly, but this screams for a swoosh of Cream of Mushroom soup for more plating pizzazz.

Oct 28 2015

Boulevard has been experimenting with a bunch of different sour beers and this is just one more example of their stellar craftsmanship. I generally hate pumpkin beers (though the darker beers, like Southern Tier’s Pumking, are better) but this one is just great.

Full disclosure, I am a KC resident (Go Royals!) but Read more