Oct 18 2017

Yeah but on FS1 - which seems like a station that should be airing the first couple of rounds of March Madness Toughman contests and American Athletic Conference football games. Read more

Sep 20 2017

Chile wasn’t affected at all. No idea why you’re showing their flag.

Sep 1 2017

Plus you’re adding a bonafide superstar to a young and incredibly talented squad. Hell, marketing and brand building alone makes the move a great one for the team long term

Aug 30 2017

Yes, the way the crowd’s loyalties went back and forth was really fascinating. They didn’t want either player to lose.

Jul 1 2017

Is it possible that everyone just hates Ainge and the Celitics so much that they would rather make a bad deal with a different team? Is that all there is to it?

May 14 2017

Can’t believe the Warriors would stoop to that kind of dirty play. Watch it. Zaza undercuts him after the shot was taken. Disgusting.

Mar 7 2017

I’ll further maintain that Dirk and the Mavs got hosed by refs in the ‘06-’07 Finals against the Heat, where D-Wade and The Artist Formerly Known as Shaq got myriad questionable calls to go their way.