Whitney Kimball
Staff reporter, Gizmodo. wkimball @ gizmodo
Feb 25

I’m relieved they didn’t give Bloomberg enough airtime for his grand shit-stirring plan, and typing that made me depressed

Feb 25

I wonder what would happen if they just let Biden talk, tuckers himself out and takes a little nap

Aug 26 2017

ha! I think about that scene all the time, except always scrolling through twitter

Aug 24 2017

Lol, sorry, amended to over $10,000* (from 26k euros in three months), which I feel like has now officially crossed the line.

Aug 19 2017

Definitely. I think the sign that resonated most was “Flint needs clean water.” That person was saying it’s more important to look at the bigger picture of inequality than trying to prove a who’s-less-racist point

Aug 13 2017

Apologies, I think I dropped the acronym in an earlier post. ANTIFA isn’t necessarily a broad term, though, it’s specifically an organization with chapters throughout the states with a long history of seeking out Nazi/white nationalist rallies with sometimes militant intentions (you often find “punch a Nazi” memes