Jun 2

No no no Trump, when you found "hung gays" in Pence's search history it was referring to something entirely different!

Apr 8

I clicked for boobs. I watched the clips for boobs. I did not read a fucking bit of it because words are not boobs. Is this the girl who started “Ok Boomer”? If so, this is not the path I would have taken afterwards, but whatever.

May 14 2015

From experience, any 1980s Japanese bike in the 450-750 class. Cheap to buy, reliable and easy to repair, no real worry about scratching it or dropping it, etc. And next season put it up for sale for exactly what you paid for it and get the bike you want.

May 13 2015

Kanye west was getting some Kanye rest so that he can go on tour at his Kanye best. Not in his Kanye nest, but still flying Kanye West. Torchinsky was next to him and that’s not a Kanye jest. Now normally Kanye’s in his Kanye Vest. Embroidered impeccably with his Kanye Crest. But this is something he keeps close to Read more

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Mar 24 2015

Nothing is better than Heel-and-toe in brown loafers and white socks