My understanding, and i could be way off: everything in nature wants to kill everything else. it just doesn’t because either it can’t or its too risky or kind of a risk: reward calculation. Even humans are nice sometimes to their food before we eat it (farm animals). we still eat it.

yes. Van life used to be called the old west life. before that it was colonial life. far enough back it was Cave Life. Read more

hey that’s how vampire Lestat was able to pay off his fancy homes

hey that’s how vampire Lestat was able to pay off his fancy homes

I bought a new 2011 Mustang GT no loan back in the day. It has 90k miles on it. every time I think of selling it I think “ but it still works fine.” Read more

i like the looks. i agree with others that you could make this with way less HP and it would be awesome. 

yeah, muffler bears are a pain in the ass to get to.

Fucking Big Steering! can’t trust em.

I think its more accurate ( and pet friendly) to say Tucker Carlson always looks like he needs glasses. Read more

That’s like saying you can’t put a price on contracting, syphilis , gonorrhea, and herpes all at the same time. Because if you just sat in seats that were Hilton, Lohan, Spears circa 2006. that’s exactly what you just did. Read more

exactly. i see my self as the best boy grip. or maybe a gaffer. Read more

I’m asking this as an honest question, so please don’t take it wrong. Read more

original Tron light cycle sound. only correct answer.

That is the part that struck me more than the $$. 10 years? you enslaved a man! don’t all those creepy guys who kidnap girls for their entire life until they escape get life in prison? how is this not like that? Read more

I was going to create a Joe Rogan drinking game. you have to take a drink every time he mentions Mixed Martial Arts or smoking pot. you have to slam your drink if he mentions them both together ( as in getting high and then doing mixed martial arts). Read more

add on top of that the fact he was a lawyer. what kind of fucking lawyer can’t afford a tesla? i bet he washes and hang dries his paper towels.