Jun 29

I said “waiter and unemployed voice actor” not spellologist or word writting downian. :)

Jun 25

not sure if its still true, but to be a voice actor you also had to be part of the screen actors guild or one of those unions. so first you have to pay union fees just to get turned down for a damn voice roll. which i thought sucked because regular folk can’t even be voice actors. Read more

Jun 24

maybe i’ve been out of the loop for awhile, but how did Honda and Toyota end up so far towards the middle? Under Mini and BMW? don’t get me wrong, i like me some german cars, but i thought Honda and Toyota use to kill it. Read more

Jun 19

Yeah Honey, the babies getting colicy and won’t sleep. I’m just going to put her in the car seat and take her out for a spin till she falls asleep. Read more

Jun 11

First, I’d like my reply to be off the record. J/K I know i’m in the grays a lot and I’ve come to terms with that. Read more

Jun 3

I understand the officer. I can’t tell you how many times i’ve had to tell my 9 year old “ Please turn off the light when you leave the room. Or you will be dead.”

Jun 2

wait that’s hardly a good comeback. A douchey influencer’ just got checked. that’s a meh-lenial thing i think.

May 27

I in no way feel sorry for her. i get why they took her dog, just by the way she was choking it. But I admit i don’t get her loosing her job. Read more