5:40 PM

The beauty of westworld is that you can watch an entire season and still not have a full understanding of what is actually going on.

10:04 AM

They sold a couple million copies before people realized it was bad, then they made it good and released it on more platforms for another couple million sales. It’s also just a tiny studio

7:08 PM

I’d blame Jason for this, but I think he only cancels games people care about.

2:19 PM

For those wondering, in Conduit 2 all the presidents of the United States are part of deep state conspiracy illuminati organization to fight off an alien invasion who, IIRC, helped found the nation. 

1:35 PM

Wow, hope this doesn't end up harming all of the goodwill Blizzard has been carefully fostering with their fanbase lately.

10:48 AM

Im just so tired of gamer outrage, that i just dont care anymore. Even though i wanted this, and now dont. Game companys gonna screw people over. Either buy in and risk it, or dont. 

11:13 PM

Same happened to me pretty much. I worked at Gamestop back in 2013 and a dude robbed us on my first day on the job. Within the first hour at that. It was just me and one other guy there. That shit was nerve wrecking to say the least.

9:13 PM

To be fair, just as with StarCraft Remastered, there’s an option in the menu to switch the graphics back to the original version whenever you want. 

8:00 PM

Warcraft 3 is a classic, yet Reforged is not doing it for me. The beta gameplay footage really turned me off - it made me realize how much I loved the cartoony designs for the units. Read more

10:09 AM

Saints Row 2 runs fine until the two truck mission. Then suddenly I'm also at 2 frames per second. That game has a really weird design where the miss processing cores you have, the worse it performs. Some people have limited it to run only on three cores... But that didn't work for me.

7:50 AM

When it launched I played it almost flawlessly on a mid range 2GB GPU. I did a lot of investigating at the time and the most consistent issue were people with newer super beefy GPUs. The more high spec, and therefore more niche, the GPU the higher likelyhood things were going to go awry. Meanwhile scores of gamers on Read more

3:53 AM

I didn’t have issues with it even at launch, just as another point of view. Also the only one of the Arkham games that I 100%’d because I really wanted that true ending and you know what? I liked it. That said I did NOT go for the 200% completion bonuses because I had other stuff I wanted to play too.

12:16 AM

Saints Row 2 runs fine for me although I have heard and seen some of the horror stories that game has produced on PC. I think most of the crap I’ve seen lately is just the game being buggy as hell. My friends have had cutscenes just go completely bonkers. Characters clipping though random shit and whatnot. Read more

11:12 PM

I’m playing through it again right now (for the first time on PC), and it runs absolutely flawlessly @1080p with all settings maxxed and even the Nvidia stuff turned on. I have a decent rig, but nothing bank-breaking... (Ryzen7 3800X, GTX1660ti, 32 megs 3600Mhz.)

I’m sure some of it is brute force, but it sure seems Read more

8:33 AM

Oh thats exactly what I’m talking about! The idea that modules can, and should, be swapped around and all operate under the same standard even if you might need a separate ‘controller’ unit for each console. Nothing would be more disappointing than if the modules for the PS wouldn’t hook up to the XBox one because Read more

8:11 PM

The MS accessibility controller is one of the most beautiful stories in gaming in the past decade. It doesn’t make any money, it’s for an extremely select audience and practically nobody knows about it. But it’s a game changer (literally ) for the people who use it. I’d love to see first party offerings from the other Read more

3:19 PM

My family lives in Texas and I live in Oregon. I’ve been a VR evangelist for a few years now, but as soon as my dad saw some of the social features on the Quest he picked one up. Playing multiplayer games in VR makes it feel like we’re in the same room. Star Trek: Bridge Commander has been really great; even though Read more

12:26 PM

Anyone who is even remotely familiar with how online multiplayer works could tell you it will depend on the network capabilities of the host. Sometimes things aren't stated because they are obvious, not for some malicious marketing reason.