Wes Siler
2:23 PM

I read it perfectly fine. The only paragraph in which you provide anything resembling numbers gets caught, as I said, in the “correlation does not equal causation” trap.

“For one, they’re aerodynamically inefficient. If you opt for the largest wheel on a Tesla Model X, your range is reduced by about 10%. This is true Read more

3:11 PM

This is referring to the top hat. The top of the shock is a stem top, a nut and washer is required to keep things tight, poly bushings appear to be used. The alternative would be a standard rubber bushing or even the fancy delrin. 

8:55 AM

I’ll admit that I almost never use front lockers, since they kill maneuverability. So I’ll yield a bit on lockers at the nose, but out back, I absolutely prefer a locker to any sort of ABS-based traction aid.

The best scenario is to just have both.

(Also, to say BLD is “way, way worse” is obviously a bit over-the-top, Read more

7:02 PM

It really depends on the situation. There are a few spots on the Rubicon trail that traction control beats triple locked. You can steer. The easy example is the first tight corner into Cadillac hill. I could not make that corner in my ‘15 4runner with the diffs locked (arb front) without putting the rear fender into Read more

6:02 PM

Even the system on my ‘01 P38a Range Rover was pretty effective - I can only imagine how good they have it nearly 20 years on.

8:44 PM

How much for the new Honda Element?

4:57 PM

As a firearms owner and recreational shooter, these are the very people that make me most uncomfortable. Their rhetoric and unjustifiable hatred and fear are in my opinion the greatest threat to the very right to keep and bear arms that they espouse. Read more

10:00 AM

You can have a ditch from erosion or a sandbag in the runoff area. That is what you choose when running Laguna Seca. Don’t like it? Don’t go off track or maybe the local go kart track is more your style. Don’t ruin this for the rest of us. Tracks are already having a hard enough time surviving on their own without Read more

9:59 AM

This. Spend the money up front protecting yourself or spend far more later.

10:14 PM

Well the good news is that italian car companies arent thin skinned and all and are totally flattered when people call them out on their flamboyant claims and will reward you with many cars to test in the future im sure.

1:34 PM

This is the single most important thing about this pick. As bad as some of the environmental policies the Rs will implement, there’s only so much oil/gas drilling that can be started in 4 years. Giving all federal public lands to the states for privatization can’t be undone - if state transfer is avoided, that’s an Read more

11:55 AM

Who there. Hang on a second. I just got done reading an article about how Zinke is the one guy Trump got right for his steadfast opposition to selling public lands to private companies. Read more

7:45 PM

Headline: Older gen E350 4matic now available with Chrysler V6 and neo-retro muscle car styling.

4:23 PM

My wife runs a large cancer research lab and she has told me that she would never trust a backpacking UV purifier. Her lab regularly checks and maintains their UV equipment, and she has said that there is no way for a lay person without the proper gear to see if the UV light has lost its effectiveness to purify. The Read more