Jun 25

(For the record, I thought this throughout the game, before Ellie explicitly says it.)“ Read more

Mar 12

Until you’ve been in a union you will never realize why that isn’t the answer. Being a union rep for a system that I hated was the worst 5 years of my life. Read more

Mar 11

My advice... Stay away from anybody cosplaying as this guy:

Mar 5

You thought you could pay $5 once and get hundreds of games permanently?

Mar 5

Controversial opinion that is stated in literally every comments section regarding a Naughty Dog game... I do see what you’re saying, though. They’re definitely not my favorite studio when it comes to nuts and bolts gameplay, but that’s not the primary thing I play their games for. I love the art, the pacing, the Read more

Mar 5

I think a lot of people miss this, but adaptations aren’t necessarily for the people who played the game. They’re for the (much, much) larger audience that watches TV and movies. If they can get some of the original fans on board, cool, but they’re after people who haven’t played the game more than them. Read more

Mar 2

Wait, this isn’t an Onion article?

Mar 2

The Simpsons were reduced to a marketing tool the second they became popular.  Do you remember the Simpsons Sing the Blues?  Do the Bartman?  The countless t-shirts sold in the 90s, not to mention Butterfinger chocolate bars?  I do.

Mar 2

I know literally every piece on the Simpsons is only supposed to be an opportunity for poseurs in the comments to hate on it endlessly and tell us how it’s no good anymore; but I found this episode actually pretty funny, in the vein of their classic style. There were a bunch of decent background jokes, as well. Read more

Mar 2

The Simpsons as a show is 3 months older than me. I’d like to think it’s aged the same way I have... just accepting a larger and larger dose of bullshit from higher up for a bigger paycheck each year.

Feb 28

So you’re saying I can exchange my money for both goods AND services?

Feb 26

“Get me Steven Spielberg!”

Feb 26

“Masturbating Teen”, or to use another identical term, “teen”.

Feb 23

So, other words, it’s rear projection, but for the digital age. Read more

Feb 17

Is this satire? If not, yikes. 

Feb 15

So basically stunt casting (mostly) actors instead of actual voice artists.. Read more

Feb 13

I think your rage at The CW is completely valid for most shows, but significantly less so for their DC slate. Legends of Tomorrow has done amazing things with John Constantine, who saved the world with a kiss and is also just generally far from sexless, and the way Arrow explored Curtis and William’s stories (and the Read more