Walter Glenn
2:16 PM

I mean, it’s getting articles written about the fact that people are protesting the government’s inaction on climate change. Maybe that’s not much, but I’ve got to admit it’s more than *I’ve* done about the problem today. Read more

12:25 AM

Who’s the “he” in that? All the recent presidents have been fond of executive orders and they haven’t broken the system yet. Trump’s average (47+/- per year) is only slightly higher than Clinton’s (46/yr) and lower than Reagan’s (48/yr), and none of them are close to Carter’s (80/yr) or any of the presidents from Read more

12:18 AM

Except Obama didn’t set anything, he wrote 276 E.O.’s over the course of 8 years, which actually puts him lower than almost every modern president.

In fact, if you take it as “Executive orders written per year” Obama comes in at 34.6, which is the lowest of any president since Cleveland’s 1st term (1885 - 1889) where Read more

11:37 PM

I might not have minded so much if it had only been an hour-long Twilight Zone episode.

3:25 PM

All people are racist to a degree, but it’s racists with power and no accountability that cause the problems. (Here in the U.S. that would be white people with the power, but in other parts of the world it breaks down differently.) Read more

8:11 AM

You could barely understand them but I can’t forget the first time I heard S.S. shouted at me

7:27 PM

Yeah but that’s just because Netflix can’t math. If 90% of the content on your service are reruns licensed from other studios, and only 72% of the viewing minutes are spent on that 90% of content, then the 10% that is original is commanding 28% of the viewing minutes. Which should tell them to do three things. Create Read more

11:52 AM

Rice is also a verb, meaning to force cooked food through small holes or a sieve (which breaks it into small rice shaped particles.) So, they just start calling it riced cauliflower. 

4:08 PM

Or, and bear with me here, this was long enough ago that those were rappers she listened to but confused them with ones she listened to in college because she doesn’t have a fucking encyclopedic memory of who got big and when and it been enough time since then that she thought there were around when she was in college.

9:04 AM

Ah, Marvel. It’s always you. Great trailer. Picks right up the mood they left us with. With a sprinkle of hope at the end. Scott Lang, you little piece of sunshine. 

5:24 PM

Well, my problem with Maher is that he’s speaking from a place of profound ignorance and being condescending and smug about it. Kinda like another asshole who likes to make everything about himself.
People revered Stan Lee and the characters he (partly) created for a lot of reasons, but Maher doesn’t know that. And Read more