Virginia K. Smith
Managing Editor, Lifehacker
Jul 11 2019

This sounds SO much better! Personally I would add goat cheese or parmesan. Maybe even olives?!

May 31 2019

Jumping in to say that a personal travel rule I’ve had for myself some years now is that I will never, ever fly out of EWR (I’m a JFK loyalist now). It’s been a great decision! But nuts and bolts, if you do fly into Newark, you’ll end up spending more time and money getting into the city— you either have to take Read more

Apr 17 2019

I thought about this but Ann Taylor is actually TOO frumpy/matronly, and then all their Loft stuff for younger people has all the same bow/ruffle issues as all the other stores! A truly cruel joke.

Apr 17 2019

A large part of this post addresses the importance of policies on things like barrier to entry :) 

Mar 29 2019

Pro tip: mix this stuff with sesame sticks. That was my go-to bulk bin snack combo in college and it served me extremely well.

Mar 28 2019

I would have been there well over an hour early without Air Train delays. Also, I have pre-check/global entry and knew security would be quick.

Mar 27 2019

This is good to know about Easyjet! And also totally agree— normally I’m a diehard about getting to the airport 2 hours early. This trip was an exception and clearly I’m still very stressed out about it retroactively! 

Mar 25 2019

Would you prefer if someone expressed condolences via email or a card (or some other medium that doesn’t require response), or rather they just left you alone about it altogether?

I’m curious, because in my experience I’m the total opposite—I want people to mention it, and even get a little offended if they don’t, Read more

Mar 25 2019

This is a VERY good point. Few things would really offend me with condolences, but someone adding religion into it definitely would.

Feb 20 2019

After all, if I looked so great 40lbs ago, what does that mean now?I know people mean well, but particularly in places like a work environment, I don’t want to talk about my body in any capacity, unless I’m like, wearing a cast or something.” Read more

Feb 13 2019

Hell yes—  I could get everything I need to get done done in a four-day work week (or a five-day week with much shorter days) and be happier and more productive for it, guaranteed.

Jan 30 2019

Hi Dan! I have a social media question—is there a polite or right way to decline a friend or follow request? For instance, if I use Twitter for work purposes, but prefer to keep Facebook and Instagram strictly to non-work friends and family? I often feel rude, but also don’t want random sources I’ve talked to over the Read more