Ignatiy Vishnevetsky
5:15 PM

My documentary, When I Last Saw Jesse, screens immediately after Super Size Me 2 at the Gene Siskel Center, Sept. 7th and 11th. Read more

4:37 PM

Oh man, saw this at TIFF and the second half is magnificent. I’ve been waiting to watch it again so I can try to find the cuts because I just don’t know how they switched from crane to these super intimate close ups so seamlessly. I was super worried that the 3D was going to be an awful gimmick but the way they used Read more

2:07 PM

Saw this a few months back at the Philly Film Festival - one of the most ridiculously memorable movie experiences I’ve had in a long while, hands-down. There’s like a 0% chance that this kind of conceit would’ve worked at all in most director’s hands, but Transit commits inside and out to the ambiguity in a really Read more