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2:45 AM

As for why the tranq dart didn’t seem to work, I don’t think the writers understand how tranq darts work. They seem to think that since Gert pulled it out after a minute or two the dart would immediately stop working.

1:49 PM

Lmao last episode review. Dipping out while you can I respect that! Also I hear Syfy is doing a series set 600 years before Batman called Ye Old Gothame tells the story of Amadeus Jameson Wayne, Bruce’s great ancestor taking on the Black Plague and bandits

12:14 PM

Well another difference between Krypton and GoT is that while the main characters of Krypton are aware of the coming of Brainiac right from the beginning, no one on GoT knew about the reemergence of the Others until much later in the show.

11:16 PM

I mean...the problem with Krypton is that it’s just...not good. It has a ton of potential, but it seems like they brought the B-team when it comes to plotting and overall story planning. But hey, I’m still watching, so I guess that makes me a sucker!

10:16 AM

Long speeches whizzed by filled with words like Zeta Beam, Force Dome, and—as if this show isn’t borrowing enough from Back to the Future—the Space-Time Continuum. Not that there’s anything wrong with world-building;

2:02 AM

There was something about the videotape from Molly’s parents. Especially Vladimir Caamano as Gene Hernandez, who recited a series of possible cataclysmic events with the enthusiasm of a shopping list.”

6:37 PM

Okay, who let Vince Russo write a scene? Making Tina not the one who killed Molly’s parents so clearly exists entirely for the sake of being a twist, so instead of a perfectly sensible scene of her using the staff to blow up their house, we’re supposed to believe they just plain didn’t notice the giant obvious bomb