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Oh, of course - obviously just my favorite, considering there are so many goddamn options. But even for TVB, finally casting Phil Spector as the single-scene villain he’s always deserved to be is just such a perfectly executed bit that I don’t think any other TV show on the planet could pull off.

As soon as he said “Toast!” I thought, “it’s only been two years?” Orpheus’s calm-as-hell retort was priceless. Read more

remember, Red Death is a regular there; he most likely just paid them a lump sum and told them “this is my new go-to for when i’m in the city; great food but terrible vocals. here’s a tip to never sing for me and my guests again.”

I think there was A LOT of clues for V/V being BM. After he was beat up by Brock at Baron Hell’s he started saying something about “my wife, there was a plane crash”. According to his OSI’s file he was created in 1976 by Jonas and that’s also the year that Blue Morpho supposedly died. Read more

Great frickin’ catch! It has only been a little over 2 years in Venture World and 15 in ours. The Venture Bros. show is almost as old as the Venture Brothers. Read more

“Paying off a joke from Season 1 episode “Past Tense,” when Orpheus and Team Venture met for the first time. Orpheus tells Rodney “a stroke” and “two years and seventeen days.”” Read more

I think Red Death’s 80s attire just him wearing the Kurgan’s NY street clothes. Too cool.

An interesting episode that I admired more for the way it tied everything together than for what actually happened. It seems a waste to bring back both Jonas and the Blue Morpho, then get rid of them almost immediately. There might not have been anywhere else to go with the pair of them — well, the Blue Morpho / Read more

My first thought about the smiley faces on the monitors was that Randall Flagg wore one on his jacket.  I figured this was a reference to his presence somehow.

When I saw thew wolf, I thought it was unusually large. Possible secondary reference to Silver Bullet? Read more

All I want to know is from the latest episode, did set decorator really drop a piano from the 2nd story, and hope that it stopped on the 1st floor, or did they just place part of piano on the 1st floor, and make it look like it had dropped down from the 2nd story? I’m guessing the latter.

Or it’s the same same but different thing at play -- similar characters, similar characteristics, different stories.

When Henry Deaver arrives back in Castle Rock he get off a Trailways bus.  This was the same bus company Red Redding took to Ohio to see what Andy Dufrane had left for him under the oak tree. 

Another possible Easter Egg, or “It may just be me, but...” Read more

There’s a Dead Milkman poster in episode 3 and The Dead Milkmen are briefly mentioned in ‘Revival’.

Just to add to the gazebo bit, in Silver Bullet, Brady Kincaid’s remains are found lying in a gazebo by none other than Terry O’Quinn as the sheriff (I don’t recall if the body was discovered in the same way in the book Cycle Of the Werewolf), which I guess means you can add him to “Stunt Casting” as well.

I’m ashamed I didn’t put this together while watching, it took the Loser’s Club Podcast to point it out: what if there’s a thinny out on Castle Rock Lake that can only be accessed when it’s frozen over? “Do you hear it now?”

There’s also an actual photo of the Shawshank warden from the film alongside the portrait of Warden Lacy in episode three.

Seriously, who figured out that Henry’s defendant was married to Eyeball Chambers? I’ve read that story and watched the film a million times and I never would have caught that. Read more