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Fair point. But combined with what Molly did, you gotta assume the Rev wasn’t above board. 

Not intentionally leaving it out! We’re still not quite at The Dark Half territory yet, though the birds at Juniper Hill are the biggest giveaway to that story so far.

My roommate is actually making one of King’s stories into a short for festival submissions. (King sold him non-exclusionary rights for $1. The day he got that letter in the mail was the happiest day ever.) He caught the Chambers’ reference first go-round.

No spoilers guys, but next week’s episode “The Queen” is the best one of the series, hands-down. And goes a long way towards explaining some of the discrepancies we’ve caught so far.

JCL needs to be in ALL King adaptations henceforth. Did you see him in season two of Channel Zero? Really underrated performance because no one talks about that show! Read more

Or like, maybe it isn’t the power itself that’s reversed, just depends on the person who weilds it. Coffey used it for good. The kid...well, we don’t know yet, but I don’t think he’s as generous in spirit.

This actually might be the real trick of Castle Rock...different versions of characters we think we recognize.

I think it was a well-related homicide.

But the one in Castle Rock is a river and those kids were playing in the Barrens, which is more a combo of a landfill, gravel pit and the outlet for Derry’s sewer systems. Actually, the fact the Losers go swimming there is maybe the most terrifying part of the whole story. *goes to wash hands for 30 minutes*

Holy shit. It IS the eclipse. Well done!

Just caught. Thank you! Diane...hmmm...maybe Twin Peaks is a sister city to Castle Rock?

You know, watched the ep several times and I don’t know how, but I kept missing that part of Jackie’s explanation about the name. Good catch!

Did Rich just say Helen Keller was the Farrah Abraham of her time?

Wait, where are all my e-friends going???

Here's the problem: I'm like fashion color-blind. I still pick up a mauve sweater and an orange t-shirt and ask the saleslady if they go together. Every one of my instincts on color coordination are WRONG. I thought my "wedding theme color" was "white." Now that I know differently, I'm losing my mind.