Sep 21 2014

Thank goodness Ray chose muted, dark colors. You can much more easily get stains out of that after having all of the NFL Countdown staff spray their coffee out of their mouths in shock.

Sep 18 2014

their response was essentially to make a more polite version of a jerk-off motion Read more

Sep 18 2014

"A Jezebel Commenter Was Given a Sub-Site, and You Won't Believe What Happened Next!"

Sep 16 2014

It was a mistake to go with the whimsical jokey style for this one.

Sep 15 2014

I travel full time for work, so part of my Monday routine is reading BCO at the airport. It's the perfect pairing- I'm surrounded by people that can't navigate an airport while reading about people that can't navigate a menu. Confidence in the human race = 0.

Sep 11 2014

Are we really going with the word "racist" to describe dating preferences or attraction? Clearly in many cases these preferences are the result of historical and contemporary attitudes towards men and women of different races and ethnicities. That's an important discussion to have. But I'm so uncomfortable with the Read more

Sep 11 2014

John Daly is going into the nineteenth hole.

Sep 9 2014

That's what I don't get. Goodell has such a hard on for suspending people, and so little tolerance for anything that generates bad publicity, why didn't he just suspend the shit out of Rice in the first place? He knew the tape would eventually get out, and even if it hadn't, the details that were already public were Read more