Adriana Velez
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Feb 23 2018

Step One: Start deadlifting at the gym. This will get your body accustomed to moving heavy weight and strengthen the lower back muscles everyone is so afraid of using when you pick things up. A stronger lower back will be more stable when lifting and also have the ability to contribute to the effort of the lift, which Read more

Sep 20 2017

To be entirely honest, I don’t know how the coaches come up with numbers. I’m sure there’s a formula they use to start with (you fill out a form that describes all your demographics along with how much activity you do, what type, how intense, etc). Then you journal in the app about your progress (including weight, Read more

Sep 19 2017

for very active people, the general rule is 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight, then you can deduct that from the forecasted caloric rate and roughly divide the fats and carbs. there are nuances, more fats to help stay lean, more carbs for endurance athletes, etc. i do a fat guy sport (powerlifting) so i’m Read more

Sep 19 2017

I do a form of this (I follow a program called Eat to Perform, where coaches set our macros and check in based on goals/performance/etc), and I love it. I’ve always had a huge appetite but have been on some form of calorie-restricted diet for close to 20 years, so pure torture. I also teach fitness and work out a lot. Read more