James Whitbrook
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Feb 14

You don’t know how hard it was for me not to use this image as the top art on this.

Feb 13

just ever closer to blogging “Honestly, What Board Game Wouldn’t Be Improved By Random Kaiju Attacks?”

Feb 5

Dinah gets a LOT to do outside of the typical action stuff. Perhaps the most out of the Birds, from a narrative perspective. She’s definitely a major part of the film, and Jurnee is great!

Feb 5

What you need to know from Suicide Squad is in the film (literally, in some cases, there are a few very brief flashes back that use snippets) - and beyond that, it’s mostly just the premise that Harley’s breaking up with Leto’s Joker. You’re very free to not see a very bad movie before you go see this good one!

Feb 5

So I will say, I am not a particularly big fan of gory violence myself, and I came away from this fine and not at all queasy from the action. Read more

Dec 20

Full disclosure for any legal authorities reading this roundtable (ya nerds): I love all of my colleagues and I’m very sure my desire to kill them all will eventually dissipate with time.

Jul 20 2019

Excuse me, I’m sorry, did... Germain did you just type what It hink you typed?