This Star Trek Poster Is Either Very Silly or a Hint to One of Discovery's Weirdest Mysteries

One of the biggest mysteries that Star Trek: Discovery left unanswered by the end of its midseason break—other than, is everyone on this ship crazy or good now, I can’t tell—is just what’s happened with Voq, the mysterious Albino Klingon who could be a secret spy within the Federation. This poster either hints at…

More Speculation About the Arrowverse Replacement for Firestorm on Legends of Tomorrow

Rian Johnson reveals how his pitch for the new Star Wars trilogy came about. John Bradley talks about some big movements in Game of Thrones’ final season. Pearl Mackie and Steven Moffat lift the lid on Bill’s fleeting return to Doctor Who. Plus, snippets of new Black Panther footage. Hi-o! Spoilers, away!

Marvel's Promise of Fewer Comic Events After Secret Empire Leads to Reveal of Major New Comic Event 

Last April, Marvel’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing David Gabriel told comics retailers that after the controversial Secret Empire, Marvel would put major events “away for quite a while,” and that the publisher hadn’t even discussed a new event “for 18 months, at the very least.” So... surprise?

io9 Roundtable: Revisiting The Force Awakens on the Eve of The Last Jedi

This week, the next chapter in the Star Wars saga finally hits screens. There’s excitement in the air, but before we dive into the new, we at io9 decided to glance back a couple of years and reminisce about The Force Awakens, the movie that kicked off this new trilogy, and what it still means to us going into The Last


Hot Toys' Last Jedi Luke Skywalker Figure Is Legitimately Intimidating the Hell Out of Me

There’s always been a unsettling realness to Hot Toys’ absurdly detailed figures. The absurdity of seeing such a lifelike visage in such a small scale is disconcerting. But then there’s the times when such visages aren’t just wildly lifelike, but also boring their tiny little plastic eyes into your very soul.