Jess a
Oct 7 2019

$5M to go away (assuming he gets paid out for his 2020 deal) AND he doesn’t have to continue with that dumpster fire of an organization?

Sounds like a pretty good way to start the week.

Oct 2 2019

Been a Dolphins fan since I was 8 years old, so I’ve been through some ups and downs over the last 40 years. I told everyone in my fantasy league that anyone who drafted a player from the Dolphins is an idiot - I still ended up with Kenyan Drake

Sep 22 2019

Even against a first year quarterback, making his first start, it shows how good the Niners defense is that they managed to keep Pittsburgh to 20 points with 5 turnovers.  All part of that Shanahan defense he's known for. 

Sep 21 2019

I mean who wouldn’t dap up Reggie Bush? To go from High School straight to the NFL after a few years of not playing is an amazing feat.

Sep 21 2019

With seven minutes to play, freshman running back Markese Stepp bulldozed a poor Ute for his first career touchdown.

Sep 15 2019

Looking forward to being reminded of this on Why Your Team Sucks next year!

Sep 7 2019

Antonio Brown has won. It’s that simple. To me it’s starting to look more and more like he planned this the entire time. Not necessarily going to New England but to get out of Oakland. Read more

Sep 7 2019

They play in a division with 3 incompetently-run franchises. They feast every fucking year.

Sep 7 2019

BRB, going through every article written about AB over the last two months and faving all the Steelers fans’ smug comments.