Daniel Roberts
6:33 PM

First, your assumption is the topic of the article - accident rates are only one tool, and only a tool when the driving miles are equal, where in this case they are not. And without accurate data, we can’t assume the rates are actually lower.
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2:45 PM

This is an opinion piece, dawg, not a newspaper article. You should be ashamed of yourself for being a shitty reader.

1:20 PM

semi-autonomous is just a terrible idea. It needs to be either autonomous or human driven. Pretending that people will continue to pay close attention as the car drives itself until a situation comes up ignores all human behavior over the last (checks watch) 10,000 years.

1:03 PM

This is a banner day for the Anonymous hackers, as it marks the first time they've been likened to anybody in the 9/11 story other than the 72 virgins with no earthly lives.

12:42 PM

Religion is just one of the many irreconcilable differences between Tim Tebow and the fanatics who perpetrated the 9/11 attacks. For example, only one of the two parties is capable of hitting the side of a building through the air.

11:39 PM

If Kermit can stay alive through this round and regain his legs, he stands a good chance of recovering enough to get knocked out in Round 6.

3:20 PM

Coincidentally, the Involtini di Tarciani just happens to be one of the most popular family-style dishes at your local Olive Garden. For this dish, thin strips of skirt steak are massaged with minced garlic and sea salt; rolled around a savory filling of ricotta, egg, parmigiano-reggiano, toasted pignola, crumbled Read more

11:52 PM

You must be talking about young Regazzo di Salva in Preferiti, a delightful young child down at your local Sharting residence, who is made to wash dishes, sort laundry, pick up dog poo, and perform other demeaning acts of manual labor until such time as his adulterous parentage is ascertained, at which point he is Read more

2:15 PM

Coincidentally, the Pianigiani fra Squallore is a scrumptious dish down at your local Olive Garden, wherein cooked bucatini noodles are wound around soup cans until they set in birds-nest shapes, then topped with a ragù of crumbled pork sausage, sliced porcini mushrooms, fennel pollen, powdered anise, heavy cream, Read more

2:36 PM

Incidentally, Sacchettoni di Carano is the name of one of my favorite entrees down at the local Olive Garden. That's the one in which four large, flat, cooked cannelloni are topped with a mixture of ricotta, smoked buffalo mozzarella, parmiggiano reggiano, fontina Val d'Aosta, oregano, lemon zest, and salt, then Read more

2:25 PM

Incidentally, the Landeskog av Östergötland is a delightful new dish down at your local Oliv Trädgård, in which a dozen small, still-living herring are sealed inside a jar of vinegar, salt, dill, lye, and horseradish, then buried under permafrost for twelve years. At the end of the twelve years, the jar is Read more

11:31 AM

Incidentally, my favorite entree soup at my local Olive Garden is the Zuppaletti di Termeno, in which cannellini beans, garbanzo beans, cubed pancetta, seasoned pork shoulder, and a soffritto of vegetables are stewed in chicken stock and white wine until the beans are soft and the pork is fork-tender; the pork fat is Read more

1:41 PM

It's fitting that this took place in a match involving Cremonese, because the Insalata Cremonese is a popular salad at your local Olive Garden. For this dish, chopped hearts of romaine lettuce are tossed with crumbled pancetta, taggiasca olives, shaved pecorino cheese, croutons, and chunks of grilled chicken, then Read more

11:39 AM

Jeez, you eat a napkin at Denny's and they send you to rehab. Meanwhile, over at the Olive Garden, they call it the Soffatelli di Sofferenza, and charge you twenty bucks. Read more

8:35 PM

Incidentally, the Doga di Amalgamazione is a popular new dessert at your local Olive Garden, in which sweet gnocchi are formed from shredded potato, flour, powdered sugar, and vanilla, then mashed together into twenty roughly potato-shaped wads, which are briefly boiled, then rolled in brandied heavy cream, melted Read more

1:05 PM

Incidentally, Pitino di Parma is the name of a delightful appetizer at your local Olive Garden. For this dish, a single small tortellino is stuffed with chopped lobster, diced fennel, ricotta, crumbled pancetta, and pecorino; it is then boiled in shrimp broth, poached in garlic butter, and tossed with more melted Read more