Daniel Roberts
Oct 9 2018

But perhaps no one was helped more than young Patrick Redford, who otherwise would just be remembered as the guy who said “the rest of the card will suck.”

Oct 8 2018

It would not be prima facie evidence in the legal sense (it would not create a rebuttable presumption of responsibility) but it would be powerful impeaching evidence that I think a jury would find very troubling. 

Sep 5 2018

Haha, it’s funny because the president looking the other way because of a personal financial interest is the literal definition of corruption. Read more

Jul 20 2018

Gentlemen - and I say that even though I’ve spent enough tine with each of you to know it doesn’t apply - the essence of fear is not anticipation, as Red claims (and Albert concurs), it is uncertainty. It is not the knowledge that you will die that causes fear - in fact, most people who have terminal conditions meet Read more

Jun 11 2018

I don’t think casual fans appreciate how hard it is for a relatively fit guy to spend two years training in a top MMA gym and look that bad against an absolute nobody. We have 10 year olds in our gym that have better form after a month of training 3 times a week. No, CM Punk is something really special. It takes real

May 14 2018

It would be pretty amazing if Bellator was able to generate millions of new fans from a TV audience of about 45,000 insanely low-standard-having mega fans.

May 10 2018

Pretty obvious that there is no defense for the Lions, but nevertheless watch as Matt Millen proceeds to draft 3 more failed background check services in the first round.