Jul 3

you’re an idiot lmao, it’s a website about nerd shit, the whole point is the articles, someone could see the headline and just go to the lego site if they didn’t want to read it. 

Jul 2

So, for those who naïvely thought at least one of the twelve links in that post linking to i09's own at-best-tangentially-related content (gotta get those clicks!) might instead actually lead to the actual subject James actually just spent six paragraphs griping about, here’s what you were actually looking for: Read more

Sep 7

“waiting until at least a 4th or 5th season before getting into something, just incase.” Read more

May 10 2019

After I posted I wondered if that was what people were going to focus on and not the crime. Read more

Feb 16 2018

I seem to recall he did have references. The important part though is the people who wrote the articles he references came out saying he was interpreting their information wrong.

Jan 22 2018

Buuuut it’s not *really* cannibalism if it’s a different species, right?

Nov 13 2017

Did we definitely see the first jump on screen? Because maybe…just maybe… it was listed as ‘Jump 0' because computers?

Aug 24 2017

Honestly as a story Wonder Woman was extremely safe. And yes, focused on her beauty a lot. I can see how A GOD LIKE JAMERS CAMERON (yes he’s one of those fanatics that loves his craft (and others) so much and is so successful that we should listen) might have issues...I mean he does capture females pretty well in Read more

May 13 2017

Historically accurate for the most part though Ian Fleming was never really a James Bond style spy (that we know of). Read more

May 13 2017

I think one reason this survived is that they are, for the most part, historically-accurate, and they go to the little know details. We learned that the Lone Ranger was black, that Al Capone had a secret brother, and about the women that worked as NASA’s “calculators” (before the Hidden Figures movie made them Read more

Mar 1 2017

So much fail; go to your corner and lament on your shortcoming

May 29 2014

"We're talking mutants in the scientific, genetic sense of the word here"