Sep 22

I mean... will we still have dogs in the subterranean shelters? I sure hope so!

Sep 22

Hahah so epic! What a great list! Who needs unions or a habitable planet when you have a bunch of heckin’ doggos!!!!!!!!! XD

Mar 31

Anyways, here’s Wonderwall. 

Mar 24

I really love this game a lot but the restrictions placed on me as the second islander have really killed a lot of the fun for me. What bothered me most was that when traveling to the islands using the Nook Miles ticket I don’t have a chance to meet a new villager on the island but there are a lot of little things.

Oct 3 2018

It’s just another doe for you and me in paradise.

Aug 9 2018

You know, I’ve seen a lot of people on forums make this point, talking about how this guy squandered his opportunity to use IGN as a stepping stone for a dream job at a company like Apple or Nintendo, and I just want to say: Fuck that. Being a journalist is my dream job, and I hope it’s the dream job for others in Read more

Jul 31 2018

It sucks shit in.

Apr 9 2018

Please wait for my follow up piece “Broken, Buggy Video Games Are Good Actually.”

Mar 31 2018

What if he jumped in through the (open) window or in the bed of a pickup?

Mar 8 2018

Trump has personally caused more real world violence then anything shown in that video.

Jan 19 2018

Yes I agree. It’s getting pretty hard to defend Bungie at this point. I’ve tried to see their side of most of the issues so far but this throttling makes no sense. Read more

Dec 15 2017

In the future, please check with Anglefan84 before you have the urge to form an opinion. Especially if deals with triangles, squares, etc. Thanks

Dec 15 2017

Given the amount of times I had to read your comment to figure out what you were trying to get at, you may want to modify your expectations.
Read more

Dec 5 2017

I’ve been posting on Kotaku for like 7 years. I’m always here. Read more

Dec 4 2017

Journalism doesn’t really work like that. My job is to remain in contact with games so that people can be informed as to what’s happening in them. I try to call out trash practices when I see them. I’ve done that for Battlefront II, be that my review or a longer piece about how much I think loot boxes are bullshit. Read more

Nov 27 2017

It was specifically because of shotguns in the secondary slot. Specifically, in the Crucible. Shotguns were too dominant, and the entire lore behind the Crucible would mean that you couldn’t give a weapon different PvP/PvE stats.

I just miss heavy machine guns :’(