May 22 2017

if you compare past video with current, he really does seem to have gone downhill. he was never a brilliant or thoughtful or articulate person, but it’s quite clear that his faculties are leaving him.

May 22 2017

Just so we can get it out of the way and move on to other commentary:
Something something something liberals, politics on my car site, keep your politics to yourself, liberal media, MAGA, I’m unsubscribing from Jalopnik, give him a chance, but whataboutwhenObama..., blah blah blah etc

May 22 2017

Dumb bastard wasn’t thinking short term enough. Smart MBA types know that nothing matters beyond the next quarter. As a taxpayer, I look forward to doing my duty as a non-1%er and bailing Ford out in the next decade.

May 16 2017

There’s a difference between hating Israel and empathizing with Palestine.

May 16 2017

Trump gave up more intel in 5 minutes with the Russians than John McCain did in 5 years of torture from the North Vietnamese.

May 4 2017

Your writing is far above what we see normally here at Jalopnik.

Please keep it up and make Jalopnik much more enjoyable.

May 4 2017

You expect me to settle for a common engine like a V-8? What, do you want me to be mistaken for a poor?

Apr 29 2017

I know Tom responded with a perfectly reasonable response, but on behalf of all of Jalopnik’s readership, I wanted to extend our deepest sympathies that you had to read about the same car twice in a 12-month period.

Apr 29 2017

That story just covered what the repair costs where, this is the total running costs over the car’s 260,000 span. Also, the C/D story goes into more detail about the owner’s experience and how the car actually drives. It’s a great read go check it out.

Apr 27 2017

Ok, who’s going to tell peanutbutterpinecone that FCA is European?

Apr 3 2017

i am most upset because I live 300 meters (400 yards for you Upper Mexicans) from the 400 and I wasnt invited. have the gear too

Mar 22 2017

Please keep your drops of Uranium 235 to yourself.

Mar 21 2017

I wish you could do a cheat sheet for other car reviewers on what points to cover. Maybe it’s the fact that being a Canadian you have to drive in similar conditions to those of us in the Northern US but I feel like every time I read your reviews they are telling me things I actually need to know versus things someone Read more

Nov 17 2016

“I don’t know whose job it is at Subaru to professionally troll VW, but they are exceptionally great at it.” Read more

Jul 3 2016

The Acura TSX (Accord Euro R) is still one of the cleanest designed modern Japanese designs. I love it.

May 11 2016

Well, it’s certainly not free to idle an electric car, it would be a step in the right direction (step 2 would be to not burn coal to produce the electricity, but I digress...).