Jamaal That
Oct 8 2019

genuinely unsure how anyone with any reading  comprehension could come to this conclusion

Sep 24 2019

He wonders why McQueary remembers the campus as being deserted on the night he says he witnessed the assault (Feb. 9, 2001), even though there was a hockey game and a Barenaked Ladies concert on campus that night.
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Aug 7 2019

Orioles, first major league team to extend protective netting onto the playing field.

Jul 21 2019

He’s right about people in general, not just golfers. They don’t think ahead while in line. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in a TSA security line and half the people walk up to the podium and only then start pulling out their ID and boarding pass. Or they don’t get out the credit card at the store until all Read more

Jun 20 2019

You don’t even have to be rich (I’m not, and I’m a tight ass) or a true golf fan (I watch maybe two tournaments a year). I won a single ticket last year to the first round, so I had a dilemma: go see an actual round of the Masters (including Tiger’s return to Augusta), sell that one ticket to get 12 mezzanine tickets Read more

Jun 20 2019

Ehhhh, I mean, the fact that they’re basically scalping very affordable tickets to an event that likely has VERY high overhead for travel/lodging, they’re classing out an entire group of people who could probably swing it if they won the lottery. The 200% markup probably moves a full weekend in Augusta from a $4-$5k Read more

Jun 3 2019

An answer to that Daily Double: Annapolis is home to the annual United States Sailboat Show.

May 15 2019

Putting aside the jokes (and there are so many) - if something is illegally obtained, it definitely should not become public record.  I am a huge proponent of open records laws, but if the police illegally obtain stuff, they shouldn’t be able to make it public as retribution for losing in court.

May 15 2019

“Yet you participate in society, how curious.” the Deadspin article.

May 15 2019

If the author can stand to be such a judge on character, why be a sports journalist? An industry steeped in chauvinism, sexism, harassment and hypocrisy. Are you fixing any of the many problems with articles, litigation or economic actions, blogs, TED Talks, or personal appearances? If so, how have they challenged or Read more

May 14 2019

I’ve also never heard Beilien denounce the Holocaust.  Have fun in the NBA, Coach Hitler! 

May 6 2019

In related news, Tim Thomas will be making his 11th trip to the White House this year, stating that “one more punch on my visitors card and I get a free well done steak”

Apr 26 2019

You’re also missing “no swag” which seems like just a regular whistle.

Apr 26 2019

Long time Giants fan. Is it just me, or do Gettleman’s (and the Giants generally) justifications for doing things recently (like trading OBJ, picking Jones over Haskins) come off as racially coded? “Negative culture.” “Mature.” “Fiber.” Hmmmmmmmmmm. Like they get rid of Beckham for complaining that they lose too much Read more

Apr 20 2019

The entire strength and conditioning staff needs to go. I think we’ve passed the point of “bad luck” and entered into the realm of “definite trend of some kind”.