Jamaal That
Sep 30

Isn’t “The Minshew” the most simple and effective nickname out there?

Aug 7 2019

Threatening to kill an innocent family with a firearm and then fracturing the skull of a complete stranger child because he wore a hat results in... released without bail?! That is some next level impunity. This state is well represented by Greg Gianforte.

Jun 20 2019

Ah, yes - the anti-fans of the Masters take at the end! How very woke of you.

May 23 2019

If Clyde Frazier, Roger Stone and Don Cherry attended the same party, would they come to blows?

May 15 2019

Then why is the article framed through a question that is clearly meant to imply that John Beilein is not a good person? It would have been more accurate to headline it something like “College BBall Writers Defend Indefensible Labor Scam While Eulogizing John Beilein. Read more

May 14 2019

Your issue is with the system, not John Beilein. This is like the same tired-ass FoxNews argument about how AOC was spotted wearing a nice outfit. You’re condemned because you’re participating in a broken system and achieving monetary success. If you want to tar him with some positions he’s taken, that’s fine, but Read more

May 7 2019

The glove-wearing Red Sox fan narc-ing him out should absolutely be thrown in the Hague.

May 2 2019

Did the woman below him on the pizza drop seriously have a fucking champagne flute she was drinking out of?

Apr 26 2019

There are plenty of arguments against Jones that don’t require you to be “for Haskins.” One right off the top of my head is never draft a QB whose last home start in college was a 59-7 drubbing at the hands of Wake Forest.

Apr 22 2019

What? Tulo and Ellsbury, sure. The rest? All but 1 are under 30 (Betances is 31) and a heavy majority have not even become free agency eligible yet.

Apr 10 2019

If anyone would notice, I would probably consider boycotting the remainder of the voting after Kermit Sprinkles received a 14 seed and was ousted by a gimmick, purposefully silly name like Rev. Pix Butt.

Mar 26 2019

General Booty and Nimrod Shmul are absolutely criminally under-seeded.

Feb 27 2019

I highly doubt that one mega-rich guy agreed to give a league on the verge of financial collapse a $250 million bailout wherein chunks of that money were just returned to other stakeholders. In fact, I’d be surprised if that wasn’t a specific stipulation of his agreement to provide the funds given that he had all the Read more

Feb 26 2019

Going to be pretty hard to prove damages when the business entity you were cheated out of needs a $250 million bailout approximately 14 days into beginning operations.

Feb 19 2019

Dude, don’t both-sides this shit, that full court press after the rebound absolutely warranted that pick - if not out of spite, out of necessity. Trevor Lawrence was pulling some extreme hardo Rudy Ruettiger shit and then gets pissy when someone counters it? It wasn’t even a hard pick! Read more

Jan 17 2019

It absolutely benefits Machado. The information that was leaked basically tells all the teams (and their fan base) that they can get Machado. It entices them to at least come to the table and start discussions. (“Hey, I heard the market was only this - would Manny consider this?”) The more parties there are in a Read more

Jan 7 2019

Steve Smith was the fucking king of the meaningless first down delivered with the extra-oomph hand signal of same. Of course, he now delivers this absolute shit-take. Read more

Dec 10 2018

You are describing a type of position player that numbers in the hundreds each decade. By this metric, you can throw in Brett Gardner, Kevin Millar, Lance Berkman and a host of other players that - rightfully - won’t get anywhere near a majority of votes from the writers for the Hall. I, for one, will not stand for Read more

Nov 16 2018

I don’t like Kevin Durant because he’s a surly turd. I don’t like Nazis more because, you know, they’re fundamentally and materially worse in ways that are dangerous and harmful to society. Read more