J.K. Trotter
Senior Reporter, Special Projects

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3:56 AM

Craig Gurian, the executive director of the Anti-Discrimination Center in New York, offered a blunt (and perhaps obdurate) defense of New York City’s public accommodations law: “To the extent that there are workplaces or public accommodations that have inappropriate behavior, the solution is to fix those workplaces or Read more

11:51 PM

“Audrey Gelman, who co-founded The Wing with Lauren Kassan, conceived of it as a pit-stop for highly mobile women who were tired of changing outfits in the bathrooms of chain coffee shops and freeloading Wi-Fi from hotel lobbies.” Read more

10:46 PM

“One of them was issued in 2016, to a public pool in Brooklyn that had been running women-only swimming hours to allow observant Hasidic Jews to swim without violating religious prohibitions against mixed bathing. The New York Times brought the exemption to the public’s attention when the paper’s editorial board cri Read more

9:18 PM

This is probably the right answer. I love the idea of The Wing, but they couldn’t have not known of the laws that forced the door open at previously exclusive clubs wouldn’t have been applied to them as well. They should have had each location as being something independent like your chapters recommendation.

9:14 PM

When RBG was still practicing law (i.e. before she became a judge and then Supreme Court Justice), she made her reputation as a civil rights lawyer challenging gender discrimination. She started out by challenging discrimination against men, which allowed her to build up a solid body of case law in which old white men Read more

9:08 PM

While I agree that the ultimate goal here is for public spaces to be free from harassment that doesn’t mean that our current crop of women should be left out in the cold. The Wing offers a real benefit for women and gender minorities that public spaces very patently do not. Read more

9:07 PM

Yyeah, The Wing can also try doing what black people had to learn to do: say it’s open for all to avoid the idiotic “reverse discrimination” claims (or reverse sexism in this instance) and market your ass off to your target audience. Just use tons of pink, only feature women in your promos, and dudes will get the Read more

8:56 PM

I think, ultimately, there probably should be allowable “all women” spaces. I think the employment issue is more tricky, legally speaking - it should not be permissible to restrict employment based on gender or sex. Read more

8:46 PM

This piece does a good job of illustrating the cultural and historical differences between exclusive men’s clubs and the importance of having exclusive spaces for oppressed people. It will be interesting to see what happens.

8:36 AM

Right now it’s enormously popular to blame government for all the evils in our lives and every time anything comes up: Health care, taxes, infrastructure, education, whatever...the automatic response is, “Do you trust the government to make that decision for you?” It’s like the automatic response to any argument that Read more

9:01 PM

The firing of Paz de la Huerta from Boardwalk Empire after its 1st season for her supposed drinking and partying always felt off to me. Wondering if HW had anything to do with it (though I don’t see his name on Boardwalk). It wouldn’t surprise me as he really did seem to be the “fucking sheriff of this fucking lawless Read more

8:45 PM

“The Miramax official and another witness said that Mr. Goldman’s tape recorder slammed into the head of another guest.” Read more

8:23 PM

Damn that is one insanely cruel article. They didn’t have to admit Weinstein assaulted him, but why the fuck did they switch their roles completely?? Read more